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Healthy Cooking Basics: Protein Pancakes

This is one of those healthy breakfast or sweet treat recipes everyone should know. Very simple to make, a great meal prep option if you bulk cook, and often with ingredients we all have lying around. These pancakes are extremely versatile, and if you’re creative enough there are an infinite amount of ways you could adapt them. You could make these in to blueberry pancakes, or even chocolate chip for a little more naughtiness. Read More »Healthy Cooking Basics: Protein Pancakes

No Bake Sweet Potato Brownies | Gluten Free & Vegan

Holy moly Batman! These sweet potato brownies must be some of the healthiest, easiest and tastiest brownies known to man. And that’s a bold claim to make.
Most brownies you need to go through that whole hassle of actually having to turn the oven on. Problems, right. Then what if you burn the brownies or over bake them. No body wants an over baked brownie.

Read More »No Bake Sweet Potato Brownies | Gluten Free & Vegan

Orange & Pistachio Donuts (Vegan and Grain Free)

If you like to enjoy a donut every now and then, but don’t enjoy that huge feeling of guilt afterwards whilst licking the sugar off your lips, then this recipe is for you. ‘Real’ donuts are typically deep fried, contain heaps of sugar and fat, and just don’t do anything good for the body. If there’s one food that really doesn’t have any health value to it whatsoever it’s a donut. Okay you might say that a jam filled donut could have a trace amount of antioxidants hidden amongst the processed jam, but that’s a really long shot.Read More »Orange & Pistachio Donuts (Vegan and Grain Free)