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Using our proven methods and track-record in creating world-class body transformations, we will work with you closely to help bust through plateaus and take your physique to the next level!

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A FREE video consultation call to discuss your training history, past struggles, future goals, and how we'll guarantee you achieve success!

A fully custom workout plan using specific phases of training to optimize your results. Built around you, and progressed based on how fast we're achieving set targets. No more wasted workouts and no more guesswork!

Ongoing exercise form analysis, photo and body stats check-ins, and unrivaled Coach feedback and communication.


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Meet IFBB Pro Cathy Vega. Cathy wouldn't mind me mentioning that she's 61, because we all now that not all 61 year olds look as aspirational as she does! But, what you can't see here is the 10 months we spent building her knee after having a total knee replacement. Not only that, but then making a successful switch from Pro Physique to Pro Figure (Masters 55 and 60+). With Cathy we have a master plan we're sticking to: 

Knee rehabbed and back on stage - box ticked!

Transition from Physique Pro to Figure Pro - box ticked!

Pro wins - watch this space!!

"I was having doubts that I would be able to compete this year. But thanks to Gareth there is NO STOPPING ME!!!"

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Every time you train you should KNOW that you're taking a step in the right direction. Zero confusion, no second guessing, and no wasted time or efforts.

As a new Dad Mark struggled to stay on top of his training, and eating the right foods to fuel his body. Then, Men's Health Magazine called. As the top sleep expert in the Netherlands Mark had the opportunity to be on the front cover of Men's Health Magazine if he could get in shape in time. 12 weeks time!!!

In just 11 weeks we took an out of control "Dad bod" (photo left) to Men's Health Magazine cover model ready!

When you're ultra-focused, and showing up and doing the right things then big changes can happen fast! Mark is proof of this.

Meet IFBB Figure Pro and 2x Olympian, Shelace Shoemaker. Working together since August 2020, with a massively successful improvement season and an incredible work ethic, Shelace was able to live her dream and debut on the 2021 Olympia stage! Continuing to work together, in 2022 we've managed to secure both a Pro win and a second Olympia.

"I always had doubts that I was capable of ever being on the Olympia stage. Thank goodness for coaches who believe in you... Gareth, I can't thank you enough for helping me shape and mold this physique to help me achieve this goal. I truly don't think I'd have made the progress without your guidance. Forever grateful for you!" 

Meet Conrad. Years of training with endless "paralysis by over-analysis" resulted in inconsistency and lack of progress. 

Once we eliminated the "what shall I do today" then the results started to follow - FAST! Not only did Conrad lose 11.3kg of fat, he also gained significant muscle strength including an extra 40kg on his bench press in just 15 weeks.

In Conrads words... “I’ve always enjoyed the gym but felt like I plateaued. Gareth's online program truly changed my life forever. He’s changed the way I think about training and even made the food part enjoyable. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner". 


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I'm forever impressed by my clients, their work ethic, and their drive to achieve some big goals. Some of which require a leap outside of the comfort zone. Siobhan here, just days before this photoshoot was still doubting that she was "in good enough shape". Her words.

Siobhan set a goal of getting in her best shape ever, and then stepping outside of her comfort zone by standing in front of a camera. After some intensive preparation and 14 weeks of training and dieting-down, this photo and the others taken alongside it captured the awesome physique she'd built.

"I'm genuinely so proud of myself, age 45, I've never been in such good shape."


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*We're so confident that you'll kick yourself for not starting sooner that we offer a money back guarantee. If you follow the game-plan set out for you by your Coach, and aren't seeing the results, then you'll get 100% of your money back. No questions asked. Best case you achieve the body of your dreams. Worst case you get expert guidance for free. Sound fair?

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Now, Here we have elite Physique training client Tima. Tima started with the goal of competing in her first ever NPC bikini competition. 16 weeks later and with a complete change in body composition, time qualified for nationals in her open class first time round. We're not done yet...

No more paper workout logs or numbers spreadsheets! All Coaching is delivered through the exclusive Elite Physique Training app, including your weekly training diary and workout logs, detailed coaching videos, and daily support from your Coach. 

Meal plans with exact portion sizes, and macronutrient targets for your individual goals and phases of training.

The exact coaching system that eliminates the guesswork, keeps you lazer-focused on doing the right things, and will work WITH you to build the body of your dreams!


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These photos speak for themselves. But, as with all photos they dont show the hard work put in to get there. Leandra is the epitome of a highly "coachable" client. And, within 12 weeks that got her from relative gym novice to competing in her FIRST EVER Bikini competition.

Not only did Leandra 'compete' in her first ever NPC competition, but has now QUALIFIED FOR BIKINI NATIONALS!!!! Her hard work, discipline and ability to follow the plan we set out for her from day 1 made it happen. We're already planning to bring something big to the stage in 2023.

Here's IFBB Figure Pro and Evogen Elite Athlete Sandee Lark. No stranger to years of hard training and working with some of the best in the game. Sandee reached out in July '22 and by September '22 achieved her FIRST EVER PRO WIN!

A collaborative effort alongside Damian Segovia (Prep Coach), Cyd Gillon (Posing Coach) and myself providing the training/programming, this was a team effort that lead to a big win at the Northern Classic Sasquatch Pro.

Sandee's feelings were expressed in her own words after that first Pro win:

"Dear Universe, thank you, with all my heart, for everything in my life including the amazing humans you've put in my path to help me succeed!"

How long have you spent spinning your wheels in the dirt and leaving sweat on the gym floor to get where you are right now?

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From $48 per week - Money back guarantee*