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 The Fitness Maverick Online Coaching Program gives you the EXACT system you need to finally gain traction and make breakthrough progress.

Through my online coaching program I'll work with you closely to help finally take control of your physique, and get the results that your efforts deserve.

Here's a snippet of what's included when working with me as your coach:

Free Zoom consultation, online assessment and strategy session to kick things off

Fully custom programming

Progressive training based on client and coach feedback


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I've devoted my life to helping men and women look great naked through smarter exercise selection and training techniques...

Meet IFBB Physique Pro, Cathy Vega. Cathy wouldn't mind me mentioning that she's 60, because WOW not all 60 year olds look like that! But, what you can't see here is the 10 months we spent building her knee from having a total knee replacement, culminating with getting on stage at the Legion Masters Pro ! Something no-one would have ever predicted. In Cathy's own words:

"I'm currently 7 weeks out from the Legion Masters Pro and feeling fantastic with the progress we've made!!!! My recovery from TKR surgery the end of December, followed up by the manipulation of all the scar tissue afterwards has been quite a journey to be honest. I was having doubts that I would be able to compete this year. But thanks to Gareth Sapstead with his knowledge and approach to my training and nutrition , there is NO STOPPING ME!!!" 

Check out Cathy's training on instagram: @cathyfitness_ifbbpro


Every time you train you want to KNOW that you're taking a step towards your ultimate vision. Zero confusion, no second guessing, and no wasted time or efforts.

As a new Dad Mark struggled to stay on top of his training and eating the right foods to fuel his body. Then Men's Health Magazine called. As the top sleep expert in the Netherlands Mark had the opportunity to be on the front cover of Men's Health Magazine if he could get in shape in time. That's when Mark got in touch...

In just 11 weeks we took an out of control "Dad bod" to Men's Health cover model ready!

When you're ultra-focused, and showing up and doing the right things then big changes happen. Fast! Mark is proof of this.

Meet IFBB Figure Pro, Shelace Shoemaker. Working together since August 2020, with a massively successful improvement season and an incredible work ethic, Shelace was able to live her dream and debut on the 2021 Olympia stage! Continuing to work together, in 2022 we've managed to secure both a Pro win and earning a second Olympia invite. Speaking after that first Olympia invite:

"This time last year, I clearly had doubts about what I was capable of and if ever being on the Olympia stage. Thank goodness for coaches who believe in you... Gareth, I can't thank you enough for helping me shape and mold this physique to help me achieve this goal. I truly don't think I'd have made the progress without your guidance. Forever grateful for you!"

You can follow Shelace's training on instagram @shelace_ifbbpro 


Alex D was frustrated. He used the fact he was no longer in his 20's as an excuse for not being able to gain lean muscle. Frequent travel also made healthy eating and a consistent routine hard.

Alex was one of my first online clients back in early 2018. Together we developed an eating strategy that was simple and flexible and able to be maintained even when traveling. Coupled with a progressive weights routine, this helped Alex gain significant muscle while also staying lean. Not bad for for 40, right?!

In Alex's words... “FINALLY, I was able to make a leap in consistent results by having Gareth as my Online Coach”……”evidence that when it comes to aging, the law of diminishing returns needs not apply!”

Conrad is an incredible client. When we first started working together he already knew his way around a gym. He's also a smart dude. But, endless "paralysis by over-analysis" resulted in inconsistency and lack of progress. 

Once we eliminated the "what shall I do today" from his training,  the results started to follow, FAST! And who says you can't gain strength while getting lean AF!? Not only did Conrad lose 11.3kg of fat, he also gained significant muscle strength including an extra 40kg on his bench press.

In Conrads words... “I’ve always enjoyed the gym but felt like I plateaued. I started with Gareth's online program a year ago today, and it’s truly changed my life forever. He’s changed the way I think about training and even made the food part enjoyable. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner".



Meet Brandon. 43 years old and finally with abs to show for his hard work. No only that but in the past year we've managed to clamp down on some past injuries, and hit some big PR's along the way. Here's what he had to say:

“I’ve been lifting for 5 years but only started training with Gareth a year ago. His programming has yielded tangible results in that time. He’s adapted my training to fit into my lifestyle, work around injuries while still enjoying life’s treats. His methods JUST WORK!”

You can follow Brandon's fitness journey on Instagram @tiger_of_the_big_sky

Although this isn't the kind of skill useful in a Zombie apocalypse, it should give you the certainty that under my coaching guidance you should expect to see some pretty awesome things start to happen...

Like waking up looking in the mirror and being like "damn, I'm looking good today"...

Strength and personal bests skyrocketing...

Or, finding that cranky injury you've been struggling with for years suddenly disappear.

When you begin training in a way that better suits your body, and using a nutritional approach that's flexible, then results like these become the norm.

I only want to work with people who are going to put in the effort to get where they want, and allow me to direct those efforts in the right way - Ultimately to look and feel in your best shape ever.

If you're a complete beginner or need your hand holding to get to the gym then this won't work for you. I'm just being honest. I don't work with just anyone, hence why it's an "apply" button and I limit how many clients I take on at any one point.

Sure, I'll be there with messages and calls, and critiquing your form and providing constructive feedback at every step. But, the commitment, vision and drive needs to come from you.  

If this is you then I'm keen to learn more about how I can help YOU. Sound good? Click "APPLY TODAY", follow the easy steps and then book onto a Zoom call so we can chat. I look forward to it! 

Your Coach,


I want to show you how - Are you in?

Sound good? If you're serious about working together then I invite you to fill out the application form below. After submitting then you'll be asked to book a time and date for a strategy call.

Stories that'll motivate the heck out of you! 

Success continued...

Stop wasting your time with inefficient methods!

You know that in order to accomplish anything in life you need to take action....


Now, not all firefighters are jacked. But, this one is. Let me introduce you to Tony... 

Tony has been an online client for sometime now. Still is. We were in a lean muscle building phase and focused on driving his numbers up (weight, PR's) while also minimizing "fluffiness". But, when he just casually happened to mention an annual firefighters calendar coming up fast then we had to switch focus.

10 weeks of photoshoot prep and I'm pretty sure he'll make the front cover of the Victoria, BC, firefighters calendar with that shot.

"Gareths knowledge is supported by an amazing app and consistent communication that creates accountability and consistency required to reach your goals."

Nutrition coaching, including MyFitnessPal integration to monitor adherence

Delivered via private coaching app, including custom-built training diary, detailed coaching videos and workout logging.

Ongoing exercise form analysis, photo and body stats check-ins, and unrivaled coach feedback and communication

How long have you spent spinning your wheels in the dirt and leaving sweat on the gym floor to get where you are right now?


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