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 The Fitness Maverick Online Coaching Program gives you the EXACT system you need to finally gain traction and make breakthrough progress.

So, want to look strong, athletic, and great in your underwear?

No problem. But how long have you spent spinning your wheels in the dirt and leaving sweat on the gym floor to get where you are right now? 

What if I told you there's a much FASTER and SMARTER way to do it, that has a PROVEN track record and HIGH SUCCESS RATE? 

You'd call bullshit, right?! But there is, and I'm going to prove it to you. With the help of my online coaching program I'll help you take control of your body. For good!

As one of my online clients, here's just a snippet of what you'll benefit from:

Custom and Periodized Training Plans

Expertly crafted training plans tailored to your body, the equipment you have, and how much time you can devote. No more frustration of knowing what you should do, or hopping from one random plan to the other with little progress to show for it! 

Nutritional Coaching

I'll show you how to eat without sacrificing the foods that keep you sane! An approach built for YOU, that keeps you consistent and on track. If you have specific dietary requirements or a preferred way of eating we can work together on that too.

Exclusive Access and Support

Access to The Fitness Maverick app where you can see, log and keep on track of your diary-scheduled workouts. Check-in to train whenever suits you, and view detailed exercise videos and key coaching points in order to nail your exercise execution. You'll also be able to chat with me and send form-check videos for review anytime. I'm there coaching you every step of the way!


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I've devoted my life to helping men and women look good naked, and build crazy strength...

Hannah started in January with the aim to achieve her best shape ever for a pole competition. If you've ever tried pole you'll know it's no joke. It requires crazy strength that would put most meatheads to shame.

After chatting we decided to focus on training to improve maximal and bodyweight strength. At the same time used a flexible dieting approach that would allow Hannah some freedom to eat what she enjoyed (and maintain sanity). 

Just 4 months later Hannah performed on stage looking AMAZING and feeling her strongest ever (she was busting out weighted chin-ups like nothing at this point!)


....Every time you workout you KNOW you're taking a valuable step towards your goals. There's zero confusion or second guessing if what you're doing is the best way to do it.

As the CEO of a world-leading scooter brand, Will juggled his packed schedule with oftentimes twice-daily workouts. He was devoting the time but not seeing the return. That's when Will got in touch...

After working together for nearly a year, Will achieved the "Damn, I look good" results he was after. Hard work and doing the right things allowed him to go from 10% body fat and skinny scooter kid, to 6% and jacked.

The crazy thing is results like this aren't rare either.

Ladies, let me say that you have some competition when it comes to the "most radical transformation ever". Let me introduce you to Áine...

Áine went from out of shape and low on energy, to come out of the other side a completely different person, both physically and mentally. “Working with Gareth helped me get in tip top shape, and enabled me to feel healthy again”.

This kind of success doesn't happen overnight - especially if you want the results to stick - but being accountable to a coach can make life changing results like this a whole lot more realistic.

Alex D was frustrated. He used the fact he was no longer in his 20's as an excuse for not being able to gain lean muscle. Frequent travel also made healthy eating and a consistent routine hard.

Alex was one of my first online clients back in early 2018. Together we developed an eating strategy that was simple and flexible and able to be maintained even when traveling. Coupled with a progressive weights routine, this helped Alex gain significant muscle while also staying lean. Not bad for a self-proclaimed "hardgainer"!!

In Alex's words... “FINALLY, I was able to make a leap in consistent results by having Gareth as my Online Coach”……”evidence that when it comes to aging, the law of diminishing returns needs not apply!”

To this day Alex is an online client, and we're working smart to surpass previous success.

Conrad is an incredible client - he still is. When we first started he knew his way around a gym. He's also a smart dude. But, endless "paralysis by over over-analysis" resulted in inconsistency and lack of progress. 

Once we eliminated the "what shall I do today" the results started to follow - FAST! And who says you can't gain strength while getting lean AF!? Not only did Conrad lose 11.3kg of fat, he also gained significant muscle strength including an extra 40kg on his bench press.

In Conrads words... “I’ve always enjoyed the gym but felt like I plateaued. That’s when I decided to get in contact. I started with Gareth's online program a year ago today, and it’s truly changed my life forever.. He’s changed the way I think about training and even made the food part enjoyable. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner". 



Years of lifting weights 5 days each week and playing soccer took its tole on Alex K. Not seeing the results he wanted caused him to lose focus. As the Director of a large haulage company Alex also valued his time, massively. That's when he got in touch.

We took immediate action to start chipping away at the low hanging fruit. We cleared up his food choices, and developed strategies that would allow him to be consistent, even when client meetings and travel would previously make things difficult.

Training focused on maintaining a consistent schedule of 4-5 strength training sessions each week, using 3-week long phases that were timed with key events.

The results speak for themselves. Together with my help Alex took back control of his time and body shape. A previously injured hamstring was stronger than ever and for the first time ever Alex had visible abs!

Although this isn't the kind of skill useful in a Zombie apocalypse, it should give you the certainty that under my coaching guidance you should expect to see some pretty awesome things start to happen...

Like waking up looking in the mirror and being like "damn, I'm looking good today"...

Strength and personal bests skyrocketing...

Or, finding that cranky injury you've been struggling for years suddenly disappear.

When you begin training in a way that better suits your body, and using a nutritional approach that's flexible, then results like these become the norm. 

I only want to work with people who are going to put in the effort to get where they want, and allow me to direct those efforts in the right direction - Ultimately to look and feel in your best shape ever.

If you're a complete beginner or need your hand holding to get to the gym then this won't work for you. I'm just being honest. I don't take just anyone, hence why it's an "apply" button and not just a guaranteed enrolment on my program.

Sure, I'll be there with messages and video calls and critiquing your form  videos whenever you need me. But, you need to be the person who grabs the opportunity by the balls, makes a decision and takes action immediately.  

If this is you then I'm keen to learn more about how I can YOU. Sound good? Click "APPLY TODAY", follow the easy consultation steps and I'll get back in touch as soon as I can. 

Your Coach,


I want to show you how - Are you in?

Please note this is no cookie cutter quick "fix". If you're serious about consistent and breakthrough results then fill out the application form below.

My job is to take the science and condense it down to easy actionable steps that WORK...

Get lean AND build strength! Many will tell you this can't be done. I disagree...

Stop wasting your time with inefficient methods!

You know that in order to accomplish anything in life you need to take action....