Ridiculously Good Rocky Road

Think eating healthy means having to give up all your favourite treats? Think again! These ridiculously moreish Rocky Roads can be enjoyed as part of my “20% foods” philosophy.
 What are 20% foods you ask? You know those foods you crave so much when dieting!? Well these cravings should be few and far between if your diet plan was providing you with everything you needed (physically and mentally).
That’s where my 20% foods come in. 20% foods are those guilty temptations you’re used to craving in your typical unsustainable diets. But, with some healthy food trickery you can still include all your favourite foods; doughnuts, cakes, brownies and cookies, all made from healthy ingredients and always completely refined sugar free.
That’s why my 20% foods are what I call “guilt free temptations”. Food to satisfy the temptations, but 100% guilt free, and most importantly helping you to keep your diet on track.
Anyway, on to the 20% food of the moment…. fancy giving them a go….?

Rocky Road – Refined sugar free, vegan, paleo and full of goodness!

  1. In a saucepan over medium-low heat, melt down together the cacao butter (or coconut oil), cacao powder, syrup and nut butter. Heat until fully melted and combined to a smooth texture.
  2. Prepare a deep baking tray or loaf tin with some fresh baking paper.
  3. Pour in the mixture then sprinkle the gojis, macadamias and coconut over the top.
  4. Refrigerate until fully set, then cut and serve.
  5. Keep stored in the fridge.
Enjoy 🙂

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