The Team EPT “Maverick” Wrist and Ankle Cuff (Pair) + Bonus Guide


Made for versatility and comfort throughout a large range of upper and lower body exercises.

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  • A pair (two single) Team EPT “Maverick” wrist and ankle cuffs.
  • A BONUS guide and video database sharing some favorite exercises you can do with your cuffs, coached by Gareth Sapstead (immediate download after purchase of your cuffs).
  • The “Maverick” cuff is made for versatility and comfort, in exercises that require cable attachment at either the wrists or the ankles (e.g., various kickbacks, abductions, and lateral raise variations).
  • The “Maverick” cuff can also be used to increase grip and wrist comfort in exercises like pushdowns, overhead extensions and straight-arm pulldowns by placing your hand inside the padded cuff.
  • High-quality padding all the way to the outside of the cuff meaning no more hair pulling, or marks on your wrists or legs from badly-designed cuffs of the past.
  • High tensile strength and lasting power.
  • As approved by Olympian Trainer Gareth Sapstead and tested by our strongest Athletes.
  • Note: These are not designed for attachment to the thighs or high up on the arms. The “Maverick” cuffs are specifically designed for getting the most out of your exercises that require attachment to ankles/feet and wrists/hands only.


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