Ultimate Abs (Paperback)


Hailed as “the most complete blueprint for core and abdominal training on the market”.

You want chiseled abs but haven’t seen results. Ultimate Abs: The Definitive Guide to Developing a Chiseled Six-Pack offers a science-based approach to abdominal training.

Featuring 130 of the best abdominal exercises, certified strength and conditioning specialist and fitness expert Gareth Sapstead helps you successfully reach your training goals by providing progressions and regressions of each exercise to accommodate your specific fitness level. Whether you are training in a fully equipped gym or at home, Sapstead provides programming that will help you achieve results based on the equipment you have available.

Sapstead’s distinctive approach to delivering effective and innovative fitness content has made him one of the most followed fitness experts on social media and earned him the moniker “the Fitness Maverick.” In Ultimate Abs, he addresses the principles that underpin effective ab training and addresses the misconceptions surrounding abdominal training to cut a direct path to the most effective way to develop a six-pack.

Most resources focus on the concept of core strength training, but Ultimate Abs offers an unapologetic guide to developing chiseled six-pack abs. Although stabilization exercises are included within the book, looks are the priority, providing you with the tools to achieve your goals faster.

Filled with expert coaching cues and an abdominal exercise library like none other, Ultimate Abs is a must-have guide for achieving the abs you have always dreamed of.


Part I. The Scientific Approach to Ab Training
Chapter 1. Ab-Building Principles
Chapter 2. Spine and Abdominal Anatomy
Chapter 3. Ab Versus Core Training
Chapter 4. Using Cardio as a Tool
Chapter 5. Four Ways to Track Your Six-Pack Progress

Part II. The Exercises
Chapter 6. Selecting the Best Exercises
Chapter 7. Captain Crunch: Targeting Your Spine
Chapter 8. Targeting Your Lower Abs
Chapter 9. Targeting Your Obliques
Chapter 10. Planks and Other “Anti” Movements
Chapter 11. Exercises to Complement Your Six-Pack Workout

Part III. The Programs
Chapter 12. Body-Weight Ab Workout Programs
Chapter 13. Home Gym Ab Workout Programs
Chapter 14. Gym-Based Ab Workout Programs
Chapter 15. Customizing Your Own Program


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