Glutes and Hamstrings Training Guide


Your guide to the most effective and some never seen before exercises to build better glutes and hamstrings. The must-have digital resource for anyone looking to optimize their glutes and hamstrings training.

The Maverick Glutes and Hamstrings Guide is your key to selecting better exercises, building more effective workouts and enhancing your training toolbox. The must-have resource approved by leading trainers and coaches. Instantly downloadable and printable so you can reference and read at home or the gym (or while you’re pretending to work).

What some industry leading pro’s have said…


“Gareth did an absolutely awesome job with his latest book. It’s extremely comprehensive, very well designed, delivers info in a simple and instantly applicable manner!” – Nick Tumminello, 2016 NSCA Personal Trainer of The Year, Trainer of Trainers, Developer of the NT Loop Band.


“I’m blown away! If this isn’t the most comprehensive guide to glute and hamstring training I don’t know what is… This is an incredible resource, and aesthetically; gorgeous!” – P. J. Striet, NASM-CPT, Seen in Mens Health and T-Nation, Owner at Revive Fitness Systems.


“I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this resource! So many effective exercises with video links, pictures and written cues. A perfect addition to my toolbox.” – Shelace Shoemaker, Prep Coach and IFBB Figure Pro


“I judge a resource by how simple the techniques are to implement and how effective the training means are for producing real results – ‘Maverick Glutes and Hamstrings’ – covers all of these important bases. The time and effort put in to the concepts, the layout, the structure, the programming, and the comprehensiveness of the exercise index is next level. Any lifter, coach, or trainer can use this resource for years and years and never get bored with their training! Gareth did a fantastic job!” – Jim Smith “Smitty”, CPPS, Owner of Diesel Strength & Conditioning.


“By far the most comprehensive manual on glute training I’ve seen. Not only glutes, but for overall lower body training too.”- Jon Chaimberg, One of North Americas most respected Trainers, former Athlete, Owner at Adrenaline Performance Center.


“If you thought lower body training was difficult, Gareth has you covered! Gareth found the way to blend complex programming strategies and dial it to an incredibly user friendly way. This is a MUST HAVE!” – David Otey, CSCS PPSC, Men’s Health Advisory Board, Equinox Personal Training Manager, seen in Men’s Health, T-Nation, Muscle & Fitness


“‘Maverick Glutes ‘n’ Hammies’ May be the most complete and ‘user-friendly’ compilation on training ‘any’ body part currently available.
Gareth Sapstead has quickly become one of the most authentic (and innovative) fitness professionals in our field, and absolutely nailed the topic of training your ‘posterior chain’ in an effective and efficient way, and with enough options, variations, and progressions to insure sustained productivity.
Just a first glance is all it will take to appreciate the commitment to such a major contribution to the fields of fitness, physique development, and athletic preparation.
I simply cannot recommend and endorse highly enough adding this masterpiece to your library, no matter if trainer or trainee, and for all levels.” – Vince McConnell, Trainer & Performance Coach since 1983!


“The Maverick Glutes and Hammies Guide is extremely thorough, and I love the exercise selection. The layout is great and is easy to navigate through, and Gareth uses very effective coaching cues. It’s evident a lot of time and effort has gone into this” – Meghan Callaway, Strength Coach, Athlete, Creator of The Ultimate Push-Up Program


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