Gareth Sapstead | Elite Physique Coach

I build Olympians, Cover Models and those who want to look like them. Author or "Ultimate Abs" available in all good book stores.

Banana Blueberry Brekkie Muffins

Don’t have time for breakfast? Always running out the door without something healthy inside your belly? Look no further, we’ve got your back with these Banana Blueberry Brekkie Muffins.Read More »Banana Blueberry Brekkie Muffins

A “Less Naughty” One-Pan Cookie

This “Less Naughty” One-Pan Cookie is the ultimate weekend treat when dieting for fat loss, or a perfect muscle building dessert. Proven to jack-up testosterone levels with just one bite 😉 Or increase sex drive with just one spoon of its gooey centre…
Read More »A “Less Naughty” One-Pan Cookie

Masala Spiced Sweet Potato Fishcakes

Fishcakes have got to make the list of ultimate comfort foods. There’s nothing easier and more satisfying than enjoying a few of them after a long day.Read More »Masala Spiced Sweet Potato Fishcakes