For anyone that’s made homemade ice-cream before, without an ice cream maker, you’ll know it’s not the easiest thing to achieve a creamy-smooth texture. On top of that trying to make ice-cream healthy is a challenge in itself, and by adding protein powder to the recipe just increases the chances of just getting an icy mess! But with a little experimentation I’ve managed to do it; an ice-cream that’s both healthy and lean-body approved, and most important of all tastes grrrreat! Continue reading PROTEIN BANANA CHOCO NUT ICE-CREAM



With all of the sweet recipes that I’ve been posting on this website and social media lately, I thought it was about time for a savory dish. And what better place to start than with my crackin’ (if I do say so myself 😉 ) Chili Con Carne. Every time I do a Nutritional Consultation with a client I always seem to mention Chili! Continue reading LEAN AND NUTRITIOUS CHILI CON CARNE