Gareth Sapstead – The Fitness Maverick

Hey, my name’s Gareth and I’ve got an obsession with biceps, butts and making chocolate brownies. Okay, the brownie ‘testing’ is kind of a problem, but hey what’s life without sampling the foods you ‘enjoy’!?

I’ve also got an obsession with coffee. I’m kind of a coffee geek actually. I get coffee samples mailed to me every month from all over the world, only to brew them in different ways and write detailed notes on their flavour, acidity and so-on. Coffee culture was possibly 99.999% the reason why I lived in Melbourne, Australis for a year. Yep, weird.

I’ve also got a French Bulldog puppy called Ozzie (Oi Oi Oi). You’ll probably be familiar with him if you follow me on instagram, but he’s a character to say the least.

Anyway, the exercise part…  I’ve been helping people just like you achieve body badass-ness since 2005. You’ll spot me in hardcover books (DK publishing), scientific research papers, and in some of the most respected fitness publications in the world (including T-Nation, Elite-FTS and Livestrong). 

I’ve accrued tens of thousands of hours coaching in-person, from celebs, to athletes, to busy folks. My healthy recipes are famous, and my training systems are used across the globe.

Boring stuff

  • Masters Degree (MSc) in Strength and Conditioning Science
  • Bachelors Degree (BSc) in Sports and Exercise Science
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA-CSCS)
  • Endless bolt-on qualifications, workshops, conferences, blah, blah..
  • Daily inquisitve reader of exercise crap, most of which will never be used. But hey, if there’s a zombie apocalypse it’ll be important, right!?

Feel free to drop me an e-mail anytime at: