Video: 9 Back Exercises You’ll Finally Feel Working!

Ever have trouble feeling your back working? In todays video I share nine top back exercises and methods that’ll help you target your back without feeling it in the places you shouldn’t.


Back exercises and methods featured:

  • 0:53 – Deadstop Smith Machine Rows
  • 2:51 – Rack Chin-Ups
  • 4:43 – 1-Arm Pulldowns (less biceps more back!)
  • 6:37 – Pre-set Isoholds / Chest-Supported Rows
  • 7:59 – One and One-Quarter Method / Cable Rows
  • 9:06 – Dante Rows (An alternative to straight-arm pulldowns)
  • 10:40 – Trap Bar Pendlay Rows
  • 12:01 – Modified Pendlay Rows using Angles-90 Grips
  • 13:44 – 3-Point Rows in an unconventional way!

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