Building Rear Delts: The Key to Figure and Bikini Competition Success

When it comes to figure and bikini competitions, every participant aims to showcase a well-rounded physique that exudes strength, balance, and symmetry. While the overall development of the body is crucial, often, competitors tend to overlook an essential muscle group – the rear deltoids. In this article, we’ll delve into the importance of building your rear delts and how they can significantly enhance your figure and bikini competition success.

Understanding the Role of Rear Delts

The rear deltoids, also known as the posterior deltoids, are one of the three heads that make up the deltoid muscle group. Despite being one of the smaller areas in the upper body, the rear delts play a substantial role in creating a proportionate physique. These muscles are responsible for a wide range of movements, including shoulder extension, transverse abduction, and external rotation.

Enhancing Shoulder Symmetry

When it comes to figure and bikini competitions, symmetry is crucial. Building a well-rounded set of rear deltoids helps counterbalance the front deltoids and creates an aesthetically appealing shoulder girdle. Neglecting the rear delts can result in an imbalanced appearance, with a dominant frontal deltoid overpowering the back of your shoulders. By emphasizing rear deltoid development, competitors can achieve beautifully symmetrical shoulders that flow seamlessly with the rest of their physique.

Improving Posture and Stage Presence

While the focus in figure and bikini competitions is often on the front-to-back view, proper posture cannot be disregarded. Neglecting the rear delts not only affects your symmetry but also compromises your posture on stage. Weak rear deltoids can lead to rounded shoulders, which not only appear less appealing but also diminish your confident stage presence. Building these muscles strengthens the upper back and aids in maintaining a proud and confident posture, boosting your overall stage presence.

Creating the Illusion of a Smaller Waist

Every figure and bikini competitor dreams of a slender waistline. Surprisingly, an often overlooked way to achieve this is by building the rear delts. When developed, the rear deltoids give the impression of broader shoulders, creating a visually narrower waist. The hourglass figure that judges and audiences appreciate can be enhanced by creating this optical illusion. By targeting these muscles, competitors showcase their beautifully sculpted upper bodies while creating an alluring waist-to-shoulder ratio.

Exercises to Target Rear Delts

To develop well-rounded shoulders, incorporating specific rear delts exercises into your training plan is essential. Some effective exercises include:

1. Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows and Cable Rows where the elbows purposely flare out wide

2. Face Pulls (seated, standing, chest supported, lying)

3. Rear Delt Flyes (dumbbell and cable variations)

4. Reverse Pec Deck

In the YouTube video below we also explore an alternative way to perform rear delt flyes that’ll allow you to truly isolate your shoulders:


As figure and bikini competitors, it is crucial to focus on every aspect of your physique, including the often-neglected rear deltoids. Building these muscles not only enhances your overall symmetry but also improves your posture, stage presence, and creates the coveted hourglass figure. By incorporating specific exercises targeting your rear delts into your training routine, you will significantly improve your chances of achieving success in the figure and bikini competition realm. Remember, the devil is in the details, and building strong rear delts could be the key to standing out from the competition and capturing the judges’ attention.

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