The Ultimate Shoulders Warm-Up | Better Band Shoulder Dislocates (video)

You’ve likely already used some form of  “over your back” band movement for your shoulders warm-up. Here’s how to make them even better:

Modification 1: Add a wrap around

Wrapping the resistance band around your back helps to further activate your pecs and serratus anterior, enhancing feedback and shoulders stability in your workout.

Modification 2: Hinge over

This helps to limit overextension through your low back. A compensatory movement usually seen in those with lack of shoulders mobility.

How to use

Start by adding the wrap around your back to your standard band shoulder dislocates. A game-changer in itself. Then, if you feel you have poor control through your midsection (can’t resist overextending) then explore the bent-over position.

Take Home

You don’t need to spend hours preparing your shoulders if your exercise selection and workout structure is on-point. Just a few sets of 10 reps or so of these before your first (well-selected) “stimulation” exercise (e.g., face pulls, rear delt flyes) will help your shoulders to feel even better throughout.

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