Fat loss stalled? Here’s why that might be and what you could do to overcome it and kickstart fat loss again.

One overlooked step when going through a fat loss phase is needing to adjust your calorie input/output along the way:

Let’s say your maintenance calories started at 2500…

You lost weight (mostly fat loss, hopefully!?) at 2000 calories…

Now, 8 weeks later it’s not budging anymore. You’re frustrated (cue, Googling “best fat loss diets” and even more confusion).

You’re doing the exact same things; Same exercise, you’re just as active, and you’re eating the exact same foods.

Here’s what’s likely happened:

The reason it’s stopped working is simply because each day (for various reasons we’ll not go into) your bodies energy requirements have gradually dropped.

You now have a NEW “maintenance” requirement.

If you don’t adjust things throughout your fat loss phase, and as your bodies energy requirements change, then fat loss WILL eventually stall.

What can we do if you hit that point:

1) We can “diet break” for a few weeks. Instead of predicting when to have a diet break then we can let it happen naturally. Hold at maintenance input-output for a few weeks, then go again (you should still see body composition changes in this phase)

2) Increase output via activity – We’d look at what you’re doing outside of the gym first, and maybe set a higher daily target for steps, or plan easy recovery sessions which would also increase output without adding unnecessary fatigue.

3) We could increase output via cardio. And, that doesn’t necessarily mean adding in more (duration or frequency – although that’s the easiest option). Remember, you adapt to become more efficient (require less energy) when sticking with the same piece of cardio kit. Simply switching the cardio kit you’re using can help. NEVER increase output via your resistance workouts. Ever!!

4) We could lower input – Drop calories by 10-20% initially to see what happens. Keep protein high, and drop fats or carbs depending on your eating preference.

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