Build your backside with hip thrust reverse 21’s

21s are an intensity technique that uses partial reps and a long time-under-tension to build your biceps. It was popularized by Arnold Schwarzenegger and detailed in his Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding. These are exactly the same, but in reverse, and applied to your hip thrusts to build a better backside.

  • Start by doing 7 full reps of hip thrusts
  • Next, without stopping do 7 reps from to top of the hip thrust to about half way down.
  • Finish with 7 reps from the bottom position to about halfway up.
  • That’s one set. Do 3-4 of them. Cussing optional.

Try these with: Barbell, heavy dumbbell, sandbag, chains across hip, glute drive machine, one-leg at a time, bodyweight for beginners.

Why these work

While the old system of performing 21’s certainly worked for an intense biceps pump, tweaking them to work according to your strongest and weakest ranges of motion are a more effective way to do them. Whether that be for your bicep curls or any other exercise.

Starting your hip thrust reverse 21’s with full reps followed by partials are the best way to do them. Then, since your glutes are more likely to fail first in their shortened position (at the top of the hip thrust), finishing with partials at the bottom of the hip thrust acts like a drop-set.

Hip thrust reverse 21’s will allow you to lift more weight, create more tension and keep your reps more honest versus performing 21’s in the classic way. Reverse 21’s allow you to accumulate a large amount of high-quality volume in your glutes training, forcing any stubborn backside to start growing. 

If you enjoy the pump classic 21’s give you, just wait until you try sitting down after a set of reverse 21’s on glutes day. 

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