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 The Maverick Glutes 'n' Hammies Guide is your key to selecting better exercises, building more effective workouts and enhancing your training toolbox. The must-have resource approved by leading trainers and coaches.

The ultimate guide to glutes and hamstrings training!

You’ll learn pivotal exercises and advanced training concepts that’ll save you time, save space, save unwanted pain or injury, and get you better results. This ultimate digital resource is packed with information rich content, over 300 video links and high definition pictures, and 16 training templates you can use right away. This guide is a blend of information and exercises every trainer and fitness nerd needs to know.


The Fitness Maverick Glutes 'n' Hammies Guide - Are you ready to enhance your training toolbox today?

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Navigating through...

Hierarchy of exercises...

Taking the perfect glutes selfie...

What’s your “level”...

How to pick hamstrings and glutes exercises...

Make every rep count...

From the get-go this digital guide is about practicality. It's crying to be used and applied, not just read from cover-to-cover. This starts with a kickass contents page that with one tap of your finger will navigate you to any topic or exercise within the whole book. The introduction to the guide outlines how to get the most from the guide and how best to apply it to your own training.

A bit of tongue in cheek with this section. If you’re solely interested in getting better glutes (and who isn’t!?) you’ll want to know how to take the perfect before and after photo. This section includes the little “trick” all glute selfie experts know but aren’t telling you. An instant butt lift!!

“Squeezer” vs “Stretcher” exercises...

What is the perfect repetition? How should it feel? Often not spoken of because it doesn’t make for a good instagram post or article title. This section is arguably one of the most important in the entire guide, and impacts every exercise you’ll ever perform.

Here you’ll get the only information you need to know regarding key glutes and hamstrings anatomy. This is the applied anatomy trainers need to know, or the stuff you just want to impress your friends with. As in the continuing theme of this guide, all information is presented in an easy to understand format, with pictures to help.

Four classifications of exercises are outlined based on their importance within your programming. These concepts will enhance your understanding of glutes and hamstrings training as well as the art and science of overall (practical) program design.

Did you know your gluteus maximus is comprised of upper, middle, and lower sections of fibers? And yes, you can emphasize different areas. This section shows you what types of exercises work best.

Why might a hip thrust and a deficit lunge complement one another in a program? Why does mechanical tension, tissue breakdown and metabolic stress matter, and why can it influence your exercise selection? This chapter will give you the answers without making it unnecessarily complicated – much of it has been summed up in one table for you!

This inaugural guide will expose you to some ideas both old and new, aim to spark creativity, and allow you to better justify your exercise choices. Along with the following chapter you’ll get an insight in to how to begin formatting your programs.

Following on from the “art” of the perfect repetition, this chapter will give you an insight in to a real conversation with a client, and why it’s not just enough to be selecting exercises based on your “level”. This chapter also covers how to develop more of an "internal" exercise focus to make better progress while remaining injury-free.

Glutes and hamstrings anatomy and function...

Can you target upper or lower glutes?

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A word from The Fitness Maverick

My vision for the Maverick Glutes 'n' Hammies Guide was to bring together all of my favorite exercises in one place. While I'm a fan of the "big and basic" lifts, you can find entire books on these. I wanted to devote one specifically to the exercises you don't hear much about - The adaptations, the modifications, the tips and tricks. I wanted to put a spotlight on the stuff you don't see in most books and digital guides. I'm pleased to now share it with you, as well as some of my industry leading colleagues that have already loved it.

I hope you enjoy the Glutes 'n' Hammies Guide as much as I enjoyed putting it together!


Gareth Sapstead MSc CSCS

Do muscle activation warm-ups work?

Activation warm-ups are commonplace among programs prescribed by strength coaches and celebrity trainers. Find out how they work (or don't work) here.

“Activation” exercises...

Nine of the most important activation exercises for your glutes and hamstrings. Every exercise includes a rationale, two pictures (start and finish), a link to watch the exercise in action, and key set-up and coaching tips.

Big hitter exercises...

Twenty-three of the most important hamstrings and glutes exercises you should know. We take a deep dive in to each and every exercise so you can best understand how it works and why you may (or may not) use it. Every exercise is presented in a way you can easily access and copy in your workouts.

Secondary exercises...

Thirty of the best “secondary” exercises that would take pride of place in the middle of your workouts. From lunge and step-up modifications, to belt squats and slider eccentrics. And from dumbbells and barbells to landmine and banded variations. Two-step pictures, video links, coaching points and full exercise justifications are given throughout.

Assistance glutes & hammies exercises...

Twenty-six assistance exercises that hit all the nooks and crannies. Plus, the back-saving gym tip you wish you’d known sooner! From simple banded hip thrusts to hamstring “destroyers” this section will have you inspired.

Programming movements v.s muscles...

In this section we explore practical programming of exercises based around training muscles (chest, back, quads etc.) versus movement patterns (push, pull, hinge etc.). This'll help you figure out what works best for you and your clients to get the best results.

In this section you’ll access sixteen different lower body training templates that you can use right away. Whether you workout 3, 4, 5 or 6 days every week there's one just for you. Alternatively, you might want to create you own plans based off the info and exercises you'll have learned in the guide already. After diving in to the Glutes 'n' Hammies Guide you definitely won't be short of ideas!

Glutes & hamstrings training templates...

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