Your Ultimate Guide to Glutes and Hamstrings Training

 This guide is your key to selecting better exercises, building more effective workouts and enhancing your training toolbox. The must-have resource approved by leading trainers and coaches.

The ultimate guide to glutes and hamstrings training!

 This ultimate digital resource is packed with information rich content, over 300 video links, 200 high definition pictures, and 16 training templates you can use right away. This guide is a blend of information and exercises every trainer and fitness nerd needs to know.


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A word from Me, The Fitness Maverick

My vision for the Maverick Glutes 'n' Hammies Guide was to bring together all of my favorite exercises in one place. 

While I'm a fan of the "big and basic" lifts, you can find entire books on these. I wanted to devote one specifically to the exercises you don't hear much about - The adaptations, the modifications, the tips and tricks. 

If you’re an athlete, gym-goer or care anything for your overall health,  getting stronger glutes and hamstrings will payoff big time. Let this book be your guide.

I hope you enjoy!

Gareth Sapstead MSc CSCS
The Fitness Maverick 

I hope you enjoy the Glutes 'n' Hammies Guide as much as I enjoyed putting it together!


Gareth Sapstead MSc CSCS

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You’ll learn pivotal exercises and advanced training concepts that’ll save you time, space, unwanted pain or injury, and get you better results. 

It is a blend of information and exercises and includes:

24 'Big Hitter' exercises to help you or your clients overcome plateauing.

30 'Secondary' exercises to build a better & stronger lower body including a bonus back-saving gym tip you may not know.

 25 'Assistance' exercises to ensure results even with the most stubborn lower body parts.

9 'Activation' exercises to solve injury problems and ensure injury-free training and more...