This healthy rendition of a sticky toffee pudding is mind-blowingly good. I just had to share. Downloadable Recipe Card included.There’s nothing much worse than a sticky toffee pudding for the mid-section. The combination between high levels of butter and processed sugar are what makes them so comforting and addictive, but also with every bite add an extra notch to your belt. I’m a sticky toffee fiend, especially with some ice cream, so a healthy version of this devilish treat is something I’ve been messing around with for a while. But wow did I get this one right….. Sweet, sticky, moreish, comforting, pretty much any adjective you can think of that describes something as being tasty as heck!

The mix is quite a wet one, but it works to keep the pudding all moist and fudgey. With the caramel sauce this recipe is a winner with adults and kids alike. You wont even know its healthy ;-).

I’ve put this recipe on to a pdf recipe card this time. I’ve also written the recipe in a way that explains the ingredients and cooking process as simply as possible. I’m experimenting with different ways to deliver you recipes and content so please let me know if you have any thoughts or preferences in the future. Enjoy!

Click Below to See the Recipe!

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