Winning Fitness Christmas Gift Ideas for Under £20 (2021 Edition)

If you’re stuck on Christmas gift ideas for your fitness friends or gym-obsessed partner, here are 12 ideas that won’t break the bank.

Winning: The Unforgiving Race to Greatness by Tim S. Grover – Audible

Wether it be crushing a workout or securing a big business deal then this audio book shares the “secret” to winning. I’m usually not a fan of self-help books, but renowned sports psychologist Tim Grover has a very no-BS approach to dishing out advice. He’s worked with some of the highest achievers in sport, and the audiobook is full of real-world insights including his phone call with Kobe Bryant just a few weeks prior to his tragic death. If you’re looking to give your friends or partner a motivational kick then this audiobook is the one.

Purchase on audible


For that extra energy boost that might be needed after the holidays, there’s nothing like gifting a tub of pre-workout to your fitness buddies. I like HOTSHOT from MYOBAND. Sure, I’m a little bias, since I did help develop it. But, if you want research-proven ingredients and a pre-workout that won’t cause energy crashes afterward then HOTSHOT is a great choice. Kola Kube and Apple are my personal favourites.

Purchase at and use code MAVERICK10 for 10% off

Ultimate Abs: The Definitive Guide to Developing a Chiseled Six-Pack, by Gareth Sapstead – Amazon and all good book stores 

Another shameless plug, but one you’ll not regret buying for a second. In most part because you’ll get to flick through the pages and get some core training ideas before wrapping it up as a gift (and don’t tell me you wouldn’t!?). Ultimate Abs by yours truly has been named by top fitness professionals as ‘the’ definitive resource on core and abdominal training. It’s available on Amazon and all good book stores in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia.

Shop Ultimate Abs on Amazon here

Resistance Bands – MIRAFIT

Resistance bands are the perfect gym bag accessory. Great for warm-ups, assisting or loading exercises in certain ranges of motion, and doing higher-rep accessory work (e.g., curls, push-downs, pull-aparts etc.). I’ve found the Mirafit 2# Grey and 3# orange bands to be the most versatile. If you’re not sure what to get then MIRAFIT also sell vouchers.

Shop at


Purple Cow by Seth Godin – Amazon

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve gifted this book to friends. Sure, it’s not fitness related, but literally anyone can benefit from this book who’s looking to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Seth does a great job packaging some key principles to build your personal brand, and without boring the heck out of you with marketing talk. A must-read for personal trainers, solopreneurs, and anyone looking to start a side-hussle.

Purchase on Amazon


Fat Gripz – Amazon or

Every guy wants thicker arms and forearms, and the way Fat Gripz work by fixing onto and bar, dumbbell or machines can help that happen. Fat Gripz are also the perfect gift for anyone who suffers from cranky shoulders, as pressing with a fatter bar can help reduce symptoms. Direct from the retailer you’ll pay around £26, but if you shop around you’ll find them for under £20. You’ll want the “Original” (blue pair) as these offer the most training options.

Available on Amazon here

Funky Workout Socks – Stance

If you’re looking for funky workout socks then look no further than Stance. These socks last forever, are super comfy, and just long enough you can wear them to protect your shins from deadlifts! You can get as crazy as you like with designs, from basic colours to cartoon characters and festive designs. Most are under £17 or you’ll get a few pairs on sale for under £20. If your friend/partner appreciates some festive-themed humor then check out this Elf pair.

Plenty of design options available at 

Marvel, DC and Star Wars shakers – MYOBAND 

You can never have enough protein shakers in my opinion. Especially ones that’ll allow you to showcase a different character every day of the week. From a Hulk shaker for your pre-workout to a Captain America shaker for your whey protein, MYOBAND have plenty of options. A gift that’s guaranteed plenty use for just £14.99.


Full range available at use code MAVERICK10 for 10% off

Whiskey Coffee – Iron and Fire

If your friend or partner loves coffee as much as I do then here’s a must-try. Iron and Fire have roasted some of the highest quality Colombian coffee beans and then stored them in whiskey barrels. The result is a great cup of coffee with a hint of whiskey flavour. A sort-of Irish coffee but without any alcohol. These beans need to be tried to be believed. £14.95 for 500g. Various size bags are available.

Available HERE

Sweat Proof Headphone Covers – Gym Hugz

Because no one likes their headphones smelling of old sweat! A few companies have started selling these, but Gym Hugz have plenty of design and colour options to choose from, and starting at just £15.99. For something funky (albeit not as gym friendly) then check out their “Wolf Paw Earsnugz” design. Unless they’re more practical like me and you’ll just want to get them plain black or camo.

Check the full range HERE


Multi-grip straps/hooks – Amazon or direct from Bear Grips

Sure, this is about finding a nice gift for someone else. But, if you try these just once they you’ll be stealing them for yourself (or just buy two pairs from the get-go). They’ll enhance your grip while saving your hands from unattractive calluses. While I’m a fan of the American-made Versa Grips Pro for their high-quality, for a cheaper option I’d recommend purchasing pretty much the exact same straps from Bear Grips for under £20 via Amazon or direct from the retailer (whichever’s cheapest).

Amazon link HERE


Cheat-day Doughnuts – Crosstown

Make their cheat day! For the best doughnuts around, and with nationwide delivery then checkout my personal cheat-day favourites in a box of Crosstown doughnuts. They have sourdough, cake doughnuts, and vegan doughnuts you’ll not even tell the difference with. Choose individual ones for under £5, or get a box of 6 for just over £20. Order online or drop into one of their London shops.

Cheat day starts HERE

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