The Complete What, When & Why on Protein Shakes

Collectively these three articles written by Gareth and published on, pretty much cover everything you need to know about protein shakes. If you’re confused then here’s plenty of reading here to have you covered. 

THIS article about the Branch-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) and in particular the BCAA Leucine provides some background about amino acids, how they can be effectively used, and how leucine could be the next big thing you’re not taking!

In THIS article you will find out pretty much everything you need to know about protein shakes, what happens to the body around resistance exercise, how protein shakes fit in, and what THE most effective dose of protein is to take around your workout.  Hint-hint 50g ?

THIS final article covers the topic of bedtime protein, what happens to the body overnight and during fasted periods, and how certain proteins could help combat muscle protein breakdown.

And here’s a little bonus, if you haven’t had enough by now and want to know the full story around protein shakes,THIS article on I had published about a month ago covers why protein shakes may be more beneficial pre-workout versus post-workout.

Congratulations if you’ve just read all of these you’ve eared yourself a Masters in protein metabolism! Certificate is in the post.

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