Muscle-Building technique: Reverse Crunch for Lower Abs

The lower area of the abdominals can be a trouble-spot, and the reverse crunch is just one of many exercises often performed mindlessly in an attempt to target that area. Having a low level of body fat will undoubtedly allow you to see your abs. But, as I always say, while “abs are carved in the kitchen they are grown in the gym” (with resistance). It’s important that your abdominal training have as much thought with exercise selection and technique as with any other muscle you’re trying to improve the shape of. Here’s how to perform the reverse crunch in order to maximize its benefits.

Reverse crunch technique


  • Set a bench to a 30 degree decline. The greater the decline the harder the difficulty.
  • Position yourself on the bench so your legs are in the direction of the decline.
  • Hold on to the bench overhead, or any other grip your bench might have available.
  • Clench a medicine ball between your knees or use ankle weights if you need to add more resistance.


  • Holding firmly overhead so as not to move or slide down the bench, flex your hips and pull your knees in and up towards the ceiling.
  • Your knees will remain at approximately the same angle throughout. 
  • Imagine pulling your pelvis towards your ribcage as much as possible, with your hips coming off the bench at the top.
  • Squeeze your abs hard at the top before lowering down fully.
  • Do not let your feet touch the floor between repetitions. Although a soft touch (not bounce) on the floor is acceptable.


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