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[inwave_heading title=”NO QUESTIONS ASKED, 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARRANTEE” sub_title=”If for any reason you are not happy with this programme, then simply contact me (via the contact form below or via my website) within 30 days of purchase and I will issue you a full refund, no questions asked. Your coach, The Fitness Maverick”]
[inwave_infor_banner title=”Effective” description=”“One of the most comprehensive and effective training plans ever released“” layout=”layout2″ link=”#” img=”195″]
[inwave_infor_banner title=”The Formula” description=”“Gives you the precise formula for achieving in just 70 days, body transformation results which by normal gym standards would take years to achieve“” layout=”layout2″ link=”#” img=”196″]
[inwave_infor_banner title=”Guarantee” description=”“GUARANTEES rapid and long-lasting changes in body and fitness mind set“” layout=”layout2″ link=”#” img=”197″]
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[inwave_infor_banner title=”Easy to follow training programme” description=”An easy to follow, downloadable, periodised training programme, compatible with all your favourite devices” layout=”layout3″ img=”1460″][inwave_infor_banner title=”Nutritional advice” description=”Nutritional guidelines and nutrient requirement calculation guide” layout=”layout3″ img=”1462″]
[inwave_infor_banner title=”2 step pictures” description=”2 step pictures showing the start and finish position for each movement” layout=”layout3″ img=”1528″][inwave_infor_banner title=”Unique warm up” description=”A unique warm up system designed to maximise your strength and endurance during each workout” layout=”layout3″ img=”1466″]
[inwave_infor_banner title=”Progressions and regressions” description=”Progressions and regressions for each exercise

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[inwave_tabs][inwave_tab_item title=”Qualifications” sub_title=”Gareth Sapstead” description=”- Master Degrees in Strength & Conditioning Science
– Bachelors Degrees in Sport & Exercise
– Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength & Conditioning Association
– Co-Author of The Complete Running and Marathon Book, published by Dorling Kindersley
– Published in multiple scientific research papers, and conference presentations on the areas of Strength & Conditioning” img=”1757″][inwave_tab_item title=”About” sub_title=”Gareth Sapstead” description=”Gareth Sapstead (MSc CSCS) is a Strength and Conditioning Coach, sports performance and conditioning coach sports performance and conditioning coach and one of the UK’s leading Personal trainers. Published in numerous science journals and research papers, Gareth is an innovator in the field of body transformation. His training programs are built with years of in-the-trenches, one-to-one coaching and personal training experience. Gareth is known as THE go-to coach and personal trainer for those looking to achieve their ultimate body transformation goals, through the most effective and time-efficient methods. Gareth lives in Market Harborough, Leicestershire in the rural heart of England” img=”1458″][/inwave_tabs]
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