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Meet IFBB Pro Cathy Vega. Cathy wouldn't mind us mentioning that she's 61, because we all now that not all 61 year olds look as great as she does! But, what you can't see here is the 10 months we spent building Cathy's knee after having a total knee replacement. Not only that, but then making a successful switch from Pro Physique to Pro Figure (Masters 55 and 60+). With Cathy we have a master plan we're sticking to and nothing is going to stop her!!! Injuries are part of life, but with experienced and specialist coaches then nothing can get in your way.

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Meet IFBB Figure Pro and 3x Olympian, Shelace Shoemaker. Shelace was frustrated with the plateau she'd reached with her own training and physique. That is, until she decided to do something about it by reaching out. We took control of her training and put an exact system in place that would guarantee her success. Coached by Gareth Sapstead, this ultimately allowed Shelace to live her dream by competing on the '21 Olympia stage! Following from that, a Pro win and a second Olympia in '22. This was followed by the Masters Olympia in '23. Incredible work ethic and smart programming are an unstoppable combination, and Shelace is proof of that.



Here's IFBB Pro Wellness Athlete Lauren Barton. Prep for Lauren's best physique ever for the Toronto Pro was made even more successful because of the well-structured off-season and “build” phases (circa 6 months) prior. A reminder that to be a successful competitor then you HAVE to be capitalizing on your off-season, and the additional nutrients and energy you have available to make significant improvements. If you don’t, then you’re just coasting between prep/fat loss phases, where your competition (those who work with us) will be getting ahead.

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We're so confident that you'll kick yourself for not starting sooner that we offer a FULL money back guarantee. If you follow the game-plan set out for you by your Coach, and aren't seeing the results, then you'll get 100% of your money back. No questions asked. Best case you achieve the body of your dreams. Worst case you get expert coaching for free. Sound fair?


Tima started with the goal of competing in her first ever NPC bikini competition. 16 weeks later and with a complete change in body composition, Tima qualified for nationals in her open class first time round. We're not done yet...

See how to optimally perform every exercise with detailed videos, log your workouts to see personal bests, and allow your Coach to adjust your training based on how your body is responding to training. The exclusive Elite Physique Training app makes it easy to stay on track.

Our secret to success is in our ability to keep our clients lazer-focused on doing the things that work, allowing them to finally start winning competitions.


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Breanne Freeman is the definition of a highly coachable Athlete, with a work ethic and mindset that has thrived with Team EPT. As a successful Trainer Breanne understood the benefits of great coaching, and handed over her training, diet and competition prep to someone she knew would deliver. Working with Coach Gareth, Breanne dominated at the NPC Santa Cruz Championships taking home Women's Figure Open Overall, Masters 40+, and Novice titles! Then, just weeks later took home the win in her class at the Amateur OlympiaWe then finished this '23 season at the NPC Masters USA Championships taking home two 1st places in Figure 35+ and 40+. Competing naturally, Breanne has a lot of potential still to come in the years ahead.

Here's IFBB Figure Pro Sandee Lark. No stranger to years of dedication to training and dieting. But, there's only so far that doing the same things every day will take you. And, there's a difference between "competing" as a pro and WINNING. Sandee reached out in July '22 and by September '22 achieved her FIRST EVER PRO WIN at the Northern Classic Sasquatch Pro. In 2023 we've achieved a second WIN at the Chicago Pro. 

No more second-guessing workouts or following cookie-cutter training plans, Sandee now knows exactly what she needs to do every time she sets foot in the gym, and that it works!

Having earned her IFBB Pro card as a Figure Competitor, Wendy then made the leap to transition over to the Wellness division. With the right training and nutrition to compliment, we built some significant muscle in key areas in the offseason before heading into a prep/fat loss phase. In her Pro Wellness debut Wendy took home 4th place at the Masters World Championships, and far exceeded the expectations set for this first competition. Watch this space in 2024 because we're taking this to a whole new level of UNSTOPPABLE!



Meet natural figure competitor Jessie who was the result of this incredible 14 week transformation you see here. Within just 14 weeks Jessie went from picture left, to winning the overall title in Figure at the NFF Texas Classic. A week later we then decided to test Jessie's physique in an NPC event in the Texas State Pro Am. Against a stacked competition, Jessie took home 1st place masters 40+, and 1st Place Open in her class. Realizing her own potential and love for the sport, we're now working on specific areas of improvement in her look and building some more overall size for the '24 season.