There are two types of runners: Actual runners, people that just love running and can find it almost meditative. And then there are those of us that just run for fitness, because we know it’s good for us.

There’s something almost primal about running. We could say it was one of the first ever sports invented by humans, except the competition back then was either hunting you down, or you were hunting them. Either way the loser didn’t make it alive past the finish line.

Just like being able to perform simple movements with your own bodyweight like squatting, lunging, and even standing up from the floor without using your hands (trust it’s harder than you think!); running should be something we all have the ability to do at the drop of a hat. Pain free, and without feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus the next day.

That being said we don’t all have to be ‘Runners’. See running like a sport, where ‘runners’ are those that take it more seriously, they track their times and PB’s, and the gym is usually to compliment the running rather than the other way around. Trust that you will definitely know whether you’re a runner or not.

If however you’re not said runner then we fully understand how you feel as soon as you start running… from that first step it’s “FFS when will this run be over”. And the same thought crosses your mind over and over again, until if you’re lucky you might get a minute or two where you’re thinking about something else. But you’re still very aware that you’re running. It’s only when you reach the end of your run you remember what it feels like to go for a good run.

Want to get in to running and don’t know where to start? We had a book published by DK back in 2014 that’s a great starting point (amazon link).

Running is good for you, it just is. There’s no arguing about it. It’s something we all should have the ability to do, since our bodies are meant to be designed to be able to do it. We may not be as fast as a Cheetah, or have the endurance of an Ostrich (it’s estimated they could run a marathon in 45 minutes!), but humans fit nicely in the animal world as a bit of a jack of all trades.

It’s only our brains that have enabled us to reach the top of the food chain, and unfortunately it’s our brains in modern society that are making us lazy, overweight, and slowly taking away our physical abilities.

Run. Run because you’re a Runner. Run because you should be able to. Run for fitness and cardio health. Run for fat loss. Doesn’t have to be much, just have fun with it. Run because it’s human.

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