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I'm Coach Leah Harris, and I've coached countless people just like you who have been working towards ultimately achieved their dream body. I understand the structure, the discipline, and the mindset needed. And, under my guidance, YOU will finally see the BREAKTHROUGH progress you deserve.

You'll benefit from:

A FREE consultation call to discuss your training history, past struggles, and how your transformation journey will look under my guidance.

A fully custom workout plan using focused phases of training that you'll truly LOVE. Developed by me personally, built around you and your lifestyle, and will work with your unique body.

Anytime exercise form analysis, weekly photo and body stats check-ins, and unrivaled Coach feedback and communication. 

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Meet Elite Physique Training client Lea, from San Francisco, U.S.A.. As with all photos they don't show the hard work put in to get there. Lea is the epitome of a highly "coachable" client. And, within 12 weeks, she got from relative gym novice to being confident and in here best shape ever. She even went on to compete in a first ever bikini competition.

Here we have Jasmine from Melbourne, Australia. Jasmine initially started out with the goal of losing a very realistic 10lbs. We did that (picture left). Then, mostly due to a beach holiday in Bali, goals changed and it was time to take things to the next level (picture right). Jasmine is now her strongest ever (a squat of 85kg and deadlift of 115kg) and has the body and confidence at an all time high. 

Photoshoot box ticked here for Gabriella. If 17 weeks prior you'd have told Gabriella she'd be doing a photoshoot then she'd probably run away. Anyway, she broke through that comfort zone and did it!!!

Gabriella got in the best shape of her life captured in this image, but this was for something even bigger, where just three weeks later she looked stunning on her wedding day.


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Sound good? If you're done with leaving progress on the table then I invite you to take the first step:

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*I'm so confident that you'll kick yourself for not starting sooner that I offer a money back guarantee. If you follow the exact system I outline for you and aren't seeing the results then I'll personally write you a cheque for 100% of your money back. Best case you achieve the body of your dreams. Worst case you train with me for free. Sound fair?

See how to optimally perform every exercise with detailed videos, log your workouts to see personal bests, and allow me to adjust your training based on how your body is responding to training. The exclusive Elite Physique Training app makes it easy to stay on track.

Flexible meal plans that won't ever feel like a "diet". And, BONUS high-protein recipe books filled with 150 amazing recipes to keep you inspired and on track.

The exact coaching system that eliminates the guesswork, keeps you laser-focused on doing the right things, and will work WITH you to build a strong and confident body!

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How long have you spent frustrated by your lack of REAL progress, despite putting in hours of your valuable time and efforts each week?

Transformation coaching is £215 gbp per month includes everything you see above and more! I work closely with you in providing everything you need to form new habits and achieve lifetime results.

Here we have Hanna from the U.K.. If hanging off a pole, not wearing much, and in high heels doesn't scream confidence then what does?! With improved strength to help her crush her pole competition, and visible changes to her physique (particularly her abs!), she wishes she'd sorted sooner!

Destiny is a truly inspirational client of Elite Physique Training, and you can learn more where she shares her story on instagram @bikinigirl_vs_cancer This was a 12 week prep for a photoshoot, but with a lot more behind these photos than just that. 12 weeks and 7kg down with muscle build and health at an all time high. The journey continues