The 6 Most Important Steps to Reduce Your Life Stressors and Create a Balanced Healthy Life

Learn the most important steps you can take today to reduce your life stresses and develop a healthier mind and body, with this powerful guest article by Yasmin Eve, Owner & Head Facilitator at Holistic Hub Perth

WHAT’S THE RUSH?! You have more time than you think. Often we get bogged down in trying to do everything for everyone, trying to fit in as much as we possibly can, juggling work, family, as well as trying to achieve several goals at the same time, whilst also throwing in a few hobbies for good measure.
With all of this clutter, we never ask ourselves these important questions:  “What is the purpose of this” and “Is this truly necessary right now?”.
We approach life like we have a really limited amount of time, and even though life is comparatively short, there really is enough time to do it all. We try to cram everything in this month, rather than realising all the things we are pressuring ourselves to achieve now, can be spread into a more realistic time frame.
My best advice to reducing that internal pressure is to let go of these hard to meet deadlines, stop setting yourself up to feel like you’re barely making progress and start refining what you want (and can achieve NOW) and what you want LATER.
The greatest thing you could ever ask yourself is: “Out of all the things I want to do, achieve and be, what is the ONE thing, that if I were to do or achieve right now would bring me the most happiness, satisfaction and energy?”
Leave the rest for later. I promise you will have time.
WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO PROVE? This is a question we rarely ask ourselves, but it’s something we unconsciously live by. Often we are trying to prove something, to someone (either ourselves or our parents) which causes so much angst and stress simply because we confirm to ourselves that we are always falling short in some way.
So I invite you to sit and contemplate this question, what are you trying to prove?
Is it that you need to prove you’re good enough? You’re not hopeless or a failure? Do you need to prove your worth or your strength? Do you need to prove your success or your wealth? Do you need to prove you’re a good person?
Look at how this need to prove is driving you in your life and your decision making. Is it serving you? Or is it creating more internal pressure and anxiety?
If it’s the latter, look at what it would take to let this go, or transform it into something that is useful and feels good for you.
SIMPLIFY. Similar to the first step, it’s super important to begin to declutter your life. Remove all the things, people, plans, habits, patterns and behaviours that are just not necessary or helpful to you, your goals or your wellbeing. If you’re looking to create more life balance, reduce your stress or achieve some physical / health goals, this step is a MUST. You cannot begin to change or add new habits and actions if your life is full to the brim.
Think of when you redecorate a house. You don’t leave all the old furniture in there, and proceed to place new furniture on top of the old and expect it to work (or look good). It doesn’t make sense, right? The same goes with improving your lifestyle, health and wellbeing. Look at what needs to be cleared in order to have space for the things that really matter most to you.
What’s your top 3 most important priorities right now? Everything else should be secondary.
FIND WAYS TO BE PRESENT & CLEAR YOUR MIND. I know what you’re thinking, this is much easier said than done. However, I have learnt there are a few fool-proof ways to achieve this.
Write down a list of the things that most energise you in life. What makes you come alive, or what brings you the most happiness?
This could be going to the gym, fishing, being outdoors, being in the shed, being with a friend that gets you, being with your family, building something or simply walking around your favourite place.
Whatever it is for you, find a way to bring this into your weeks or months. And make them a non-negotiable.
The things we enjoy most have a way of bringing us back to the present moment. They’re the things we do that we get completely absorbed in and as a result lose all thought of anything else going on in our lives and our minds that could take us away from what we are experiencing.
Sure, meditation or mindfulness would be another great option, but if that isn’t your cup of tea, then this will be sure to have you feeling replenished, reenergised and refocused.
FILL YOUR HEAD WITH POSITIVE OR THOUGHT-PROVOKING CONTENT. If you’re an over thinker, this can be one of the best things you do. Listening to a podcast, an audio book, a motivational video, on the nature of something inspiring, provoking or informative can redirect your thoughts towards something constructive and useful.
It can increase and enhance your mood and positively impact how you view the world. Learning for the brain is like an aphrodisiac, it LOVES to learn, so why not feed your mind with the best? Begin to fill it with USEFUL information, and you’ll find you replay less of the same rehearsed internal dialogue and thought patterns.
WHAT DO YOU WANT? It’s much easier to focus on what we don’t want, and consequently, get drawn into the victimised headspace where we feel trapped, or stuck on a repetitive cycle. When it comes down to it, how often have you truly answered this question:

“What do I want?”

Just think about it for a second.
If you were to see yourself in 12 months from now, being in the ideal position, personally, mentally, physically and financially, what would that look like to you?
How would it feel?
Who would you be?
And who are you now that is not in alignment with that?
When we begin focussing on what we want, we can begin to move forward in that direction, our unconscious mind begins to create new neural pathways that support this intention. It’s not unlikely that you will naturally begin to shift as a person when you focus on what you want and where/who you want to be.
When you get clear, it makes it much easier to determine what’s important in your life and what needs culling, once again removing layers of unwanted stress and pressure from the equation.
Remember, “Where focus goes, energy flows” so check in with yourself and make sure your energy is going to the right places.

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