Pursuing Mountains and Chocolate Biscuits!

It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out; It’s the grain of sand in your shoe. – Robert W. Service

It’s easy enough to set goals. Some of you may have heard of; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Based (SMART) goals. But writing out a to-do-list is a lot different than doing the tasks on that list. You’re going to experience adversity along the road to your goal, this is a good thing.

You’re standing in a field, and on the horizon is a mountain (your goal, let’s say fat loss). It’s the most prominent structure in sight, dwarfing a tree a few fields ahead of you. When you set yourself a goal of reaching that mountain, it’s the only thing that you can see, it’s all that you’ve got your eyes on. You’re focused. Great News. Top Banana!

You’ve been walking for some time now, you’re quite tired and you want to stop. You’re approaching that tree (adversity, a pack of chocolate biscuits). It’s right there in front of you, it’s huge, seemingly much bigger than the mountain on the horizon. Why don’t you just stop here for a little while? You can always carry on walking after. You’re faced with a decision.

If you’re unconsciously incompetent then you’ll eat the biscuits, because in the grand scheme of things you can always continue your fat loss journey afterwards.

You’ll eat the biscuits and if you’re consciously incompetent then you’ll regret the decision afterwards (if you’ve ever had an eating binge, I imagine you can relate to this one).

Next time you’re consciously competent. You’ll think about eating them, but you won’t. You’ve been faced with adversity and you’ve overcome it. Well done!

Perspective can make things seem bigger than they are, but don’t lose sight of the bigger goal. Understand that you are in control of more than you think. Enter, my next point.

Control what you can control and care for yourself.

Setting a goal of losing weight for an event like a wedding is a great motivator. But it shouldn’t be the sole focus of your fitness journey. Are you going to give up on health and fitness after the event? Odds are you’ve probably formed some pretty excellent habits like eating healthier and exercising regularly.

The time-based aspect of your goal might be a defining factor, but it shouldn’t take anything away from your journey to become a better person and to live life with an improved mind-set. The fact that you reached your goal is the most important thing, and you can be doing everything in your power every day to achieve that goal.

Most of the factors associated with self-improvement and living a healthier life are internal, which means you have complete control over them. Once you realise this, one thing becomes clear.

Control what you can control, and ignore everything else.

Mind-set is the one thing that will ultimately control how hard you train, how well you recover, and how healthily you eat, and how incredible your results will be.

“Understanding that you only have control over the present moment is key to being able to turn the page”

– Ben Bergeron, Chasing Excellence

Being excellent today is much more valuable then preparing to be excellent tomorrow.

Bryn Pratt 

Personal Trainer, Thought Provoker 

 Pursuing Mountains and Chocolate Biscuits! The Fitness Maverick

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