The Build & Define Program


The ultimate kickstart plan to build new muscle and mindset!

The latest digital and print-friendly program and guide from Gareth Sapstead!

BUILD & DEFINE is a four-week training plan specifically designed for anyone who struggles with a lack of consistent and goal-orientated training, and frustration with a lack of progress in the gym. Over three to four strength workouts each week you’ll develop more consistency with your training, using smarter exercise choices to build muscle and lose body fat simultaneoussly.

You’ll have the choice to train over three or four days each week using an upper-lower body training split as detailed in the guide. Each exercise in the plan has key coaching points and step images, suggested modifications to make things easier or harder, and a direct video link to watch how it’s done. The guide is easy to read ensuring your success in following along and sticking with it. The bonus cardio section will also explain how you might want to include it as a tool to step up your fat loss efforts even more.

With the BUILD & DEFINE plan you’ll never be asked to spend more than 50 minutes in the gym, and when equipment is limited then alternatives are suggested making the plan perfect to follow from a home gym if you prefer.

Over the next four weeks — Twelve to sixteen strength workouts plus optional cardio — you’ll develop solid foundations in your total body strength, build muscle, become more defined, and more importantly find a training plan you’ll stick to!

The guide also includes: A bonus section on the “best” cardio options for fat loss while maintaining muscle, a bonus section on smarter training, and a printable workout log you can take to the gym to track your progress on.

All for just $24.95 USD !!!

Commonly asked questions:

  • How do I receive the training? You’ll have instant access on the immediate page after purchase. You’ll also receive shortly after (if not then check your junk folder). The guide is digital and print-friendly.
  • How do I pay? Click “add to cart” where you can either use Apple Pay (via STRIPE) or proceed to PayPal. In both cases your payments are secure and protected.
  • If I do this plan from home then what equipment would I need? A gym would be best, but if training from home then you’ll need some dumbbells, a resistance band, and ideally a bench. If you don’t have a bench then a bottom step or chair could also work. You’ll get the most out of this plan by being at a gym, though.
  • How many days each week should I workout on? BUILD & DEFINE can be done over 3 or 4 days each week. Inside the plan on pages 6 and 7 you’ll be shown how to structure your week based on how often you can commit to going to the gym.
  • I like to know why I’m doing something. Does the plan cover that? BUILD & DEFINE is intended to be a training plan you can take action on. not some long book that will work to over confuse and cause you to procrastinate. That being said in the opening pages of the guide (up to page 5) the why’s will be explained, including some key principles you’ll do best to follow in order to keep your training on track even beyond BUILD & DEFINE.
  • How easy is the plan to take to the gym? It’s as easy as hitting that download button and opening it on your phone or iPad. Or, if you prefer, the plan tells you specific pages you can print off and take to the gym so you can log the weight/reps that you’re lifting each workout.
  • Do you offer refunds? There are no refunds on digital/downloadable products site-wide. We’re proud to put our name to everything on this website including the free articles and videos, to our premium (paid for) books and programs. Unfortunately, though, there are those who download digital products with the aim to ask for an immediate refund so they never have to pay. We guarantee you’ll be impressed, and we thank you for your support in helping clam down on these people.
  • How do I contact you? For BUILD & DEFINE questions, or to share your progress then we’d enjoy hearing from you anytime via email at