TFM Online Coaching Program

If you’re ready to step up your strength and physique, then follow in the footsteps of hundreds of successful 1:1 clients across the globe. My custom program will help you build the physique you’ve been striving for, without beating up your body, wasting time with inefficient methods, or sacrificing the foods that keep you sane! Hey, it’s Gareth here…

…I’ve been helping people just like you achieve body badass-ness for the last 15 years. You’ll spot me in hardcover books, scientific research papers, and in some of the most respected fitness publications in the world. 

I’ve accrued tens of thousands of hours coaching in-person, from celebs, to athletes, to busy folks. My healthy recipes are famous, and my high-performance training systems are used across the globe. And if you’re ready for it I want to help YOU.

My methods work, but don’t just ask me…

Hannah N | Competition fit

Hannah’s story is a personal favourite of mine. Hannah started in January 2019 with the aim to get in her best shape for a pole competition in April 2019. Not only did we do it and she smashed her performance on the day, her boyfriend also proposed to her at the end. Hannah is her strongest ever, engaged to be married, and continues to be killing it ready for the next competition.

Alex De Paula | The Best Shape of His Life!

“FINALLY, I was able to make a leap in consistent results by having Gareth as my Online Coach for the past 4 months”……”evidence that when it comes to aging, the law of diminishing returns needs not apply!” – Alex is currently in the best shape of his life, and continues to be a client of the Maverick Coaching Program a year-on.

Will Prentice| Boss man @Elitescooters 

Will worked with The Fitness Maverick Coaching system for nearly a year, getting in to his best shape ever. Hard work and consistency allowed Will to go from 10% body fat and skinny, to 6% with massive gains in muscle and strength.

Áine Powell | Wedding Day Fit

This Program changes lives!  Áine went from out of shape and low on energy, to come out of the other side a completely different person, physically and mentally. “Working with Gareth helped me get in tip top shape, and enabled me to feel healthy again”

I’ve devoted my life to helping grow bulletproof bodies, and teaching the best methods to get in awesome shape… 

After years of postgraduate study, getting my fitness geek on, and using myself and my early clients as guinea pigs, I’ve produced a lot of impressive results.  

I can bore you about exercise biomechanics, physiology, and optimising your hormonal profile all day long. And you’re welcome to ask me about that stuff. But I specialise in making this stuff simple and easy to stick to.  

If you follow the plan I set out for you, you’ll not regret it for a second. In fact you’ll probably kick yourself for not starting sooner. I can help you with that too if you’d like. 

This isn’t some cheesy sales pitch where I’m going to promise you something that’s not realistic for you. More often, I’m training those who aren’t so genetically gifted or have the photoshop or selfie skills to pull off a good before/after picture.  

But by the time I finish with you, you’ll be in a position to take your shirt off with confidence and badass-ness. You’ll be in your best shape ever. You’ll also have gained some valuable tools to sustain the results for life.  

I personally enjoy eating pizza and ice cream, and don’t want to spend hours in the gym every day. I can show you how a great (and realistic!) physique is easy to maintain without the sacrifice.

Alex K | MD, Knowles Transport

Before Alex started distance coaching he was no gym newbie. Five gruelling weights workouts each week alongside multiple weekly football training sessions. This was his routine for years and the time he spent wasn’t paying off. Immediately we cleared up his diet and got him focusing on the right foods at the right times. Due to his job role this used to be a challenging to eat well consistently, but this wasn’t a problem anymore. Training was much the same, and even at points having to put in less time, for even greater results. Winning! A year on Alex is still smashing personal bests, and the strongest and fittest he’s ever been. Personal trainers at his own gym have been asking his secret.. he’s reluctant to tell 😉 

Lucy T | Fit For Life!

Despite having a busy life, a young family, and a job that involves traveling all over the world, with Gareth’s help Lucy managed to maximise the time she did have. – Lucy lost 23.5 inches overall, and got in to the great shape she manages to maintain today.

Conrad O’Brien | 11kg lost but stronger than ever!

“I’ve always enjoyed the gym but felt like I plateaued. That’s when I decided to get in contact with Gareth. I started with his online coaching program a year ago today, and it’s changed my life forever.. He’s changed the way I think about training and even made the food part enjoyable. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner” – Conrad lost 11.3kg while gaining significant strength, including 40kg on his bench press.

Holly S | 6-Week success

Holly trained for just 6-weeks to get those abs popping. As someone that works hard and pushes herself in the gym anyway, she understood following a specific plan consistently was going to be needed to take her to the next level. And clearly, that it did. Welcome to the gun show! 

With my help I’m going to show you the key to building a strong body, for life! 

  • Build a badass body without having to spend hours in the gym. 
  • Eat to get lean without having to sacrifice your favourite foods.
  • Become strong and bulletproof from injury  
  • Develop a long-term training approach that will allow you to easily sustain a cracking bod, or go “beast mode” when you want to step it up before beach season. Learn from me then simply rinse and repeat for life. 
  • Not waste your hard earned cash on useless supplements, or being sold on to unproven quick fix approaches.

Luke Martina | Dad Bod to Fit Bod

Luke went from 86kg feeling out of shape and low on energy (picture left), to 74kg lean and mean (middle) in just months. Long-term using the same system he’s now reached a milestone goal of adding an extra 5kg of muscle, now at 79kg (picture right). 14kg loss in bodyfat and muscle gained!

Jasmine C | Fitness (and food) obsessed

“I was addicted to sugar. And I still am. I had a Friday night pizza tradition. And I still do with no regrets. But I can also say I’m smashing my personal bests regularly, still dropping body fat and gaining muscle. My Coach understands me, and it’s allowed me to make great progress without feeling restricted”  – Jasmine has experience a complete body change, with her proudest achievement being able to now squat twice her own bodyweight.

Andreas Ioannou | Boss man @lhommegrooming

The Fitness Maverick Program managed to take Andreas from 12% to 8% bodyfat in 8-weeks.  Andreas’ strong will and mindset, alongside some gruelling 6:30am workouts allowed him to get in great shape for his wedding day with his beautiful wife Eleni (also a former happy client). 

My job is to take the guesswork out of everything. Even starting is easy… 

Send me a quick enquiry e-mail and I’ll get back to you with a digital form. I want to make sure my program is the right fit for you before we go ahead with anything. 

After a bit of communication and walking you through the consultation process, it’s then up to you if you’d like to go ahead with the strategy we discuss. I’ll then deliver your custom training via my exclusive Fitness Maverick Coaching app.

Each workout is YOUR workout, and put together by me. Every time you set foot in the gym you’ll know exactly what to do, according to your genetics, training history, and specific goals.  You’ll be tracking your workouts for me to see, too (via the app).

If you’ve got any mobility or injury restrictions we’ll deal with those too. My forward-thinking methods get fast results, and my training style makes working out something to look forward to. 

Each meal is YOUR meal, with a nutritional plan developed specifically for you. I’ll tell you how and when to eat, according to your goals, food sensitivities, training approach, and preferred way of eating.

If you’re paleo, vegan, caveman, Keto or omnivore then it’s cool with me – I’ll work with your preferred eating style. If you’d like to put yourself 100% in my hands though, then even better.  

I’ll build your training and diet around your life, and monitor and track you to ensure you stick to the plan.


This isn’t just about building butts and biceps… It’s about building the person you aspire to be…

If we’re being honest I already know what your goals are. Something centred around losing fat and gaining some lean muscle (chest muscle, butt muscle, wherever). I can take a look at your body type, training history and limitations and get you there. No problem. 

But this is about more than that. I understand how it feels to wake up every day and not be satisfied with the person staring back at you in the mirror.  

Everyone thinks that as a coach it’s easy to stay in shape. The reality is for any real coach it can often be harder. I’m not a social media fitness guy who’s job it is to look good. I’m up at 5am every day and frequently coaching all day until 9pm. I know what it’s like to be busy, stressed, and not always having access to the right foods. I completely get it. 

Sometimes the training and nutrition gets put aside because I’m more focused on helping my own clients to give a damn about myself. I can become body conscious and feel like I’ve let myself down. I’ve been there. 

But more often that not I overcome the stresses and struggles. I want to be my best self, and if you’re ready to then I’m here to guide you on how. Balancing life challenges with getting in shape can be done. It’s much easier when someone like me has your back too. 

This isn’t some high pressure sales pitch. The more I have to sell you the less likely you are to stick to the plan I have set out for you and succeed. 

So, let’s leave it at this. If this all sounds good to you, you want the results, and you’re stuck in a rut right now, then I want to hear from you.  

If you’re ready to put in a little effort, without spending hours in the gym or sacrificing your favourite foods then this is a good place to start. 

Then click the button enquiry below and let’s get things rolling. Sound good? 

Your Coach, Gareth Sapstead