Gareth Sapstead

Gareth Sapstead (MSc CSCS) is a Strength and Conditioning Coach, and one of the UK’s leading Personal Trainers. Published in numerous science journals and research papers, Gareth is an innovator in the field of body transformation. His customised training programs are built with years of in-the-trenches, one-to-one coaching and personal training experience. Gareth is known for helping his clients achieve their body transformation targets, using highly effective time-efficient workouts.

Client Wayne going from 17% to 8% body fat in less than 70 days!

Are you Struggling to get the body you’ve always wanted?

• A  body fit for the beach, your wedding, photo shoot, or just for YOURSELF?

• Do you want to get lean and defined the RIGHT way?

• To be fit, strong and healthy?

• Do you struggle with lack of time or motivation?

• Are you confused by conflicting information online and in the media?

• Guys, are you struggling to gain lean mass?

Client Andreas getting some real results ready for his wedding day!

Well, I understand every one of your obstacles and I have the solutions:

As one of the UK’s leading personal trainers and body transformation specialists:

• I’ve worked with countless clients whom I’ve taken from right where YOU are now to where THEY and where YOU WANT to be.

• I’ve spent years studying the hard science behind training and nutrition and, and I’ve taken countless clients through some of the most fun and effective workouts they’ve ever experienced.

• I’ve given my clients the tools, knowledge, guidance and the motivation they needed. And together, just like a team, we’ve smashed through so many goals!

Client Mike looking lean and athletic after a bit of a training hump!

So, ask yourself:

• Are you ready to master your body-goals, mindset and diet?

• Want to get lean and beach body ready?

• Want the opportunity to be helped by one of the UK’s leading personal trainers?

If this sounds like you and you’re ready to commit to a complete body and lifestyle change then get in touch to see what I can do for you.

  • Elite Distance Coaching – £60 GBP/$105 AUD every 4 weeks
  • One-to-One Training Sessions – $80 AUD
  • Block of 10 One-to-One Training Sessions – $700 AUD
  • Group Training Sessions (2 or 3 people) – $50 AUD each person

To book your PT Goal-Setting Session with Gareth, or for general enquiries please contact: