Focus on Behaviour Goals instead of Outcomes

Focus on Behaviour Goals instead of Outcomes The Fitness Maverick

Unfortunately the world is a very unpredictable place. You can’t make your body strip 5kg (11lbs) of fat at the drop of a hat, any more than you can make your shares in bitcoin or the value of your house skyrocket.
In other words you can’t control the outcome, but you can control the behaviours that hopefully give you the best chance of achieving the best outcome possible.
As far as Bitcoin goes however you’re pretty much screwed on that front. Fingers crossed that new kitchen and extension on your house will get you some of your money back though!!
So, instead of setting ‘outcome’ goals, you should be setting ‘behaviour’ goals.

Outcome goal: I want to create an incredible body

Now this is an extremely vague outcome goal. Every person will have something slightly different in their head when it comes to visualising this goal. But truth of the matter is this is something we’re all thinking. And most of us just want to know the solution; the quick fix.
Sorry to burst your bubble, but unfortunately there isn’t one. There are ways to get you there faster, through the ideal training programme and diet for your body type, but there’s no overnight solution.
Outcome goals are very vague, it could be that you want to be able to see your abs, to build bigger shoulders, a perkier bottom, or to drop 5kg of fat. Whatever it is it’s not specific enough, and thinking about it isn’t going to get you there any quicker, if at all.

You need to set behaviour goals.

So lets say you want to drop 5kg of fat, you need to establish the behaviours that are going to help you achieve that outcome. So your behaviour goals might be:
1) Walk 15,000 steps every day, whenever I can fit it in.
2) Go to the gym 3 days EVERY week and lift some weights.
3) Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.
4) Set my daily calorie and nutrient intake and stick to it.
5) Limit myself to eating out only once per week.
6) Cut my current alcohol intake in half.
You hopefully get the idea. If your goal is to lose 5kg (11lbs) of fat, and these were the rules you set yourself it’s inevitable that you’re going to reach your outcome goal. It doesn’t matter when, maybe you fine tweak the goals as you go on, and maybe you set yourself a realistic target date, but you’ll be guaranteed to achieve the outcome goal at some point in time.
A good Personal Trainer will set you some goals like this. A really good PT will do it without you even knowing. The trick with any person is to set the easiest goals first, the ones that seem almost so easy that it doesn’t even seem extreme enough that you’re doing anything more than you were previously. Then before you know it you’ll be gradually hitting all of them and wont even realise it. This is where it becomes a lifestyle change, and it’s where the good stuff really starts to happen.
Just remember the outcome goal or multiple outcome goals are always in the back of your mind, but don’t give them too much of your attention. Give all of your attention to hitting your behaviour goals. Write down your behaviour goals now, and get working on them right away.

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