Build Your Best Butt – For Guys!

I could quite easily write this article full of puns and innuendo; We’re talking about butts after all. Glutes, ass, arse, tushy, booty, the money maker… whatever you want to call it, glute training is important! Because STRONG glutes are important. Good glutes make you stronger, faster, less injury prone, and hotter!

Girls know all about working their asses off (literally), but for some reason guys just don’t get it. Well I’m making it my mission to get guys to fall in love with glute training. No woman wants a guy with a pancake butt, nor do you want to be that guy that only ever trains upper body (you know who you are). Yes, sometimes even just thinking of heavy squats and deadlifts can be draining, but with glute training, and this easy to follow programme below, you’ll never have this problem.

Give the programme and exercises below a shot, and you’ll never look back…. except to admire your own butt!

If you’re just reading this article for exercise ideas then read no further. Just check out the videos below for some butt exercise inspiration. But if you want my help, and for the full blown “BABY GOT BACK” plan just skip the videos and head to the bottom of the page.







The “BABY GOT BACK” programme was designed to work with a typical 4-day-week body part training split performed by most guys:

·         Monday – Chest and Triceps (International chest day!!)

·         Tuesday – Back and Biceps

·         Wednesday – Cardio or Rest

·         Thursday – Legs and Shoulders 

·         Friday – Arms 

·         Saturday – Cardio or Rest

·         Sunday – Rest

With the programme your new training split will look like:

·         Monday – Chest and “BABY GOT BACK” (Now International Glutes day!! I’m going to make it a thing!!)

·         Tuesday – Back and Biceps

·         Wednesday – Cardio or Rest

·         Thursday – Legs and “BABY GOT BACK” 

·         Friday – Shoulders and Arms 

·         Saturday – Cardio or Rest

·         Sunday – Rest

If your training split looks any different to this then don’t worry. You can still use the programme below, just put the programme at the beginning of any two days of the week you feel would suit you best.

You’ll perform the programme at the beginning of your workouts twice each week, up to three times. Once you’ve done the glute exercises at the start you’ll just continue with the rest of your own workout planned for that day. The exercises are designed to only take 15 minutes at the start, so won’t interfere with your results elsewhere. Remember, after doing this plan you’ll never look back again…. except to admire your own butt! Enjoy ?


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