Appearance on The Fitness Devil Podcast

It was a pleasure to be invited to chat shop on The Fitness Devil Podcast. If you’re a trainer or aspiring trainer this is a must-listen. It also features the most awesome (Top Gun inspired) podcast image ever!

In this packed hour episode I cover:

  • Exercise prescription and the need to justify.
  • The fine line between a circus act exercise, and creating a “new” exercise to solve a problem.
  • The realities of online coaching and how to do it WELL.
  • Why nothing beats in the trenches experience and working with real people.
  • Honest truths about the fitness industry that as an aspiring trainer you’ll want to hear! 

You can listen below, or find it on iTunes, Spotify , Google or any other major podcast network.

Thank you to Andrew Coates and Dean Guedo for being such great hosts, and creating one of the most downloaded fitness podcasts on iTunes.

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