To most experts and fitness professionals the prescription for fat loss is pretty simple:

“Do more and eat less”

And almost everyone that trains for body transformation purposes at least, tends to believe this. Although this is true to some extent, and the energy balance equation (calories in versus calories out) is correct; this is a prescription for “weight loss” and not “fat loss”. Big difference. (more…)

With more and more types of foods becoming readily available in our supermarkets, with labels like “superfood” or “healthy”, as well as certain diet and healthy eating trends being spread all over the internet, it’s hard to know what we should be eating.

It can be hard when it seems like new foods are coming out all of the time. But reality is there’s no magic superfoods factory out there. These foods have been around for thousands of years, it just so happens that for some of them they’re getting their big break.

Just like the cast of Celebrity Big Brother, they’re suddenly known again overnight after years of D-lister status, and seen literally everywhere you look.


Unfortunately the world is a very unpredictable place. You can’t make your body strip 5kg (11lbs) of fat at the drop of a hat, any more than you can make your shares in bitcoin or the value of your house skyrocket.
In other words you can’t control the outcome, but you can control the behaviours that hopefully give you the best chance of achieving the best outcome possible. (more…)