✔Do you struggle with your daily nutrition? 

✔Have you tried every diet there is, and found all of them too hard to stick to, or too time consuming?

✔Is your current diet holding you back from getting the results you truly want? 

✔Are you sick of feeling bloated all of the time, or lack energy or focus at work or at the gym?

Due to popular demand we are now offering Nutritional Coaching as a stand-alone service, both local to Market Harborough and as a distance-coaching service worldwide. 

Previously this bespoke service was only available to clients on one of our personal training programmes, however we’ve decided that we’d like to help as many people as possible to achieve their health and fitness goals. Personal Training isn’t for everyone, so we’d hate to think you’re missing out if you’re not on one of our PT programmes, but EVERYONE should be feeding their body with the foods that make them look and feel great!

By identifying your body type, energy needs, and goals, we can help you:

✓Look better

✓Feel better

✓Perform better

✓Become less bloated and make for a happy tummy

✓Help slow the ageing process 

✓Give you extra brain power and daily energy 

✓Help you sleep and recover better 

If you’d like us to give you a complete nutritional overhaul and receive a customised plan from us; here’s how it works…

Step 1: Contact us at and express your interest in our Nutritional Coaching service, and whether you’d be available to go through everything in person, or if you’d like the distance coaching option.

Step 2: A date and time will be organised at your convenience for a face to face meeting and nutrition analysis. If you require the distance coaching service then a phone call or Skype meeting will be organised.

Step 3: Session 1 – Initial assessment meeting (in-person or via phone/Skype)

In your first session we will cover:

✓Nutritional and lifestyle analysis 

✓Body type analysis

✓Fasted blood tests*

✓Goal setting 

* Only available one-to-one


Step 5: We custom build the right nutritional plan for you. What your plan looks like will differ for everyone, since everyone’s needs are different. No cookie cutter approaches here. 

Your plan will include:

✓A fully Customised nutrition plan to suit your goals and lifestyle needs

✓Supplement plan (if required)

✓Customised exercise targets and weekly goals

✓We also implement strategies that promote long-term success

✓And more…

Step 6: A second one-to-one meeting or phone/Skype meeting is organised to talk you through your plan. You will receive 24/7 email support throughout your plan. Check-ins and follow-up sessions can also be organised anytime you need an extra little help or advice, or to monitor your results. 

All for the complete cost of just £140 per person 

(Paid in full after the initial session)

This is a fully customised service, and takes us time and expertise to put together the right approach for you. If you’re ready to commit to a food and lifestyle change then we look forward to hearing from you: