“My experience with the Distance Coaching has been fantastic, I am getting really impressive changes in my body shape already after just 3 weeks. If I have any questions about training or food Gareth is always there to help me. I have added 20kg to my Bench Press and gained 1 inch on my arms in just 3 weeks!”

Omar, K – Kuwait City, Kuwait

Using a fitness App like the one I have access to with online coaching is rare to see in Bulgaria, so using the app was a new experience for me. But I loved it straight away, and I found people asking me about it all the time. It’s very convenient and easy to use. All the videos and information provided as well as connection with The Fitness Maverick is very useful. The exercises and the tips provided are great, challenging and also new to me. My experience so far has been great and I’m looking forward to every session.

Iliyan M – Sandanski, Bulgaria

Distance Coaching with The Fitness Maverick is great! The app is good and the exercises are easy to understand and quick to access. All exercises come with an instructional video which explains everything I need to know. You can write notes and track your workouts there, and whenever you reach a new PR the app notifies you. Also your coach can see your workouts and access your records, you can also communicate with your coach directly from the app. I love it!

Overall it’s a great coaching experience with great results!

Ani K – Tirana, Albania

“Having had the pleasure of both training with The Fitness Maverick and doing Distance Coaching with him, I can honestly say the App is a great alternative to training with the man himself. The workouts are well structured, grounded in scientific knowledge and have helped me drop body fat and then gain lean muscle. The App is really easy to use with built in training videos to assist your form. The tracking function encourages you to train with intensity to achieve personal bests. I highly recommend Distance Coaching with The Fitness Maverick!”

Luke M – Leicestershire, UK

“The Maverick online coaching programme has revolutionised my training. The workouts are excellent & very easy to understand plus they are interchangeable on the fly which is very convenient. My motivation for training has increased substantially since using this app as you can see your results & the gains you are making from set to set, exercise to exercise, week upon week. It’s driven me to compete against myself like I never have before.”

Gary S – Milton Keynes, UK

“The Maverick app is a great tool to keep track of my workouts and eating habits, it shows clearly in one view what nutrients I am lacking. The little videos before every workout are very helpful to adopt the right technique. The interaction with the Coach trough the process is great, he can follow the progress and advise almost during the workout. The only thing missing is a red button allowing him to shout at you to push out those final reps 😀

Michael P – Grenoble, France

“The Maverick online coaching App has made a huge difference to how much I enjoy my workouts. The exercises are great, tailored to my specific requirements and each with a ‘how to’ video which I can access at any time. Knowing that the exercises will be updated every 4 weeks really helps me not get bored with my routine! The knowledge that my trainer can not only see whether I’ve completed a routine but can also link with my food diary on MyFitnessPal has been a tremendous help to keep me on the straight and narrow – most of the time!! I highly recommend the Elite Distance Coaching Programme as an all round fitness solution.”

Yvonne C – Leicestershire, UK

“Distance Coaching with The Fitness Maverick has been brilliant! Easy to use App, great videos to follow and lots of contact from the man himself. Helping me make sure I’m staying on track and helping me understand how I’m going to achieve my goals. 10/10!”

Dean P – Guernsey

“I found the app really easy to use and very informative! The workout examples within the routines are excellent especially if you have never done them before. I have no access to a gym so use what i have at home, which the Fitness Maverick has adapted my workouts for. My strength has improved considerably, despite my lack of equipment. Thanks Maverick!”

David S – Leicester, UK