What causes you to overindulge on bad foods? To eat that whole tub of ice cream, that packet of cookies, not just one doughnut but two, three, or four? Whatever it is, it’s nothing logical. The purpose of this isn’t to tell you why you’ve been doing it, that would take much longer. Instead it’s to tell you about a simple trick learned through years of helping others, and delving in to some psychological research that can help you kick the habit. Continue reading How we use this powerful tool to increase diet compliance

To most experts and fitness professionals the prescription for fat loss is pretty simple:

“Do more and eat less”

And almost everyone that trains for body transformation purposes at least, tends to believe this. Although this is true to some extent, and the energy balance equation (calories in versus calories out) is correct; this is a prescription for “weight loss” and not “fat loss”. Big difference. Continue reading Why this ‘expert’ advice for fat loss is wrong

If you’re like the rest of the world this time of year, it’s likely that between Halloween and New Year you’ll gain between 2-10 pounds in weight. And that’s not muscle either; Most of it’ll be the wobbly stuff you’ve been working hard on for most of the year to get rid of!

It’s the most jolly of jolliest times of year but this festive fun all comes at a price, with less exercise, more TV, and a load more junk food it’s far too easy to let the body go a little!

Here are 8 essential tips to help you keep your body in check, and stop your six-pack turning in to a beer keg, this time of year: Continue reading QUICKIE TIPS: HOW TO GET AND STAY LEAN OVER THIS INDULGENT TIME OF YEAR


We all know how it feels; you get back off your holiday and you’re feeling worse than before you went. We all get the post-holiday blues, but that doesn’t help when you’re feeling like months of hard work in the gym, keeping track of your macros and so on, have been ruined in just a week or two.

You might have started the holiday feeling pretty good about your body shape, looking back at yourself you may have not even realised at the time how good you were looking at the time. But, in just that short break where your normal eating and exercise routine had been forgotten; the ab lines have gone, a few jiggly bits have appeared, and what’s worse is that your energy levels and motivation are at an all time low.


Continue reading Beat the post holiday belly bloat!



‘Cheat meals’ or ‘cheat days’ is the dieting concept that typically for 1 meal per week, or even day per week, you’re free to eat whatever you like. You heard me right, literally anything! For some people that can just mean more of the good healthy stuff, for others it’s a bit of a weekly ‘release’ from their strict diet, and opting for less healthier foods such as high sugar processed foods. No judging from me, it’s your body you do what you like! Continue reading YOU COULD BE SABOTAGING YOUR FAT LOSS