The entire fitness industry is full of blanket statements about what we should or shouldn’t do. Information is generally black or white; do this or don’t do that, rather than being grey. Grey meaning words like “might”, “could” or “maybe”, or “this might work for you but something else might work better”. That’s because we want quick and simple answers. A general blueprint that’ll help us make the most of our time spent in the gym, or knowing what we’re eating is the right thing.

These blanket statements are engrained within fitness society, just as a thousand peoples sweat is engrained in to that workout mat you use at the gym. Much of the information is even taught in Personal Trainer schools nowadays. It’s no wonder why we take most of it for gospel truth, when so-called experts are spreading the word too. Continue reading You’re not a blanket fitness recommendation – why are you acting like one

There are two types of runners: Actual runners, people that just love running and can find it almost meditative. And then there are those of us that just run for fitness, because we know it’s good for us.

There’s something almost primal about running. We could say it was one of the first ever sports invented by humans, except the competition back then was either hunting you down, or you were hunting them. Either way the loser didn’t make it alive past the finish line. Continue reading WHY YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A RUNNER TO RUN

Unfortunately the world is a very unpredictable place. You can’t make your body strip 5kg (11lbs) of fat at the drop of a hat, any more than you can make your shares in bitcoin or the value of your house skyrocket.
In other words you can’t control the outcome, but you can control the behaviours that hopefully give you the best chance of achieving the best outcome possible. Continue reading Focus on Behaviours instead of Outcomes to hit your Fitness Goals

One thing often overlooked in training is your overall weekly gym training structure; Your training ‘split’. Chances are right now you’re following one of a very limited number of ways you could structure your week, and chances are you’ve been doing the same old training split for some time now. Continue reading What’s The Best Way To Structure My Training Week?