As part of the Hi-Pro Nutrition Top 50 Personal Trainers Challenge, I was recently given the task of coming up with a healthy recipe using their new high protein peanut butter. Truth be told I was slightly hesitant about accepting this challenge without ever having tried their products before. If anyone’s ever seen the Friends episode where Monica’s set the job of coming up with Continue reading HIGH-PROTEIN PEANUT BUTTER CUP ICE-CREAM

For anyone that’s made homemade ice-cream before, without an ice cream maker, you’ll know it’s not the easiest thing to achieve a creamy-smooth texture. On top of that trying to make ice-cream healthy is a challenge in itself, and by adding protein powder to the recipe just increases the chances of just getting an icy mess! But with a little experimentation I’ve managed to do it; an ice-cream that’s both healthy and lean-body approved, and most important of all tastes grrrreat! Continue reading PROTEIN BANANA CHOCO NUT ICE-CREAM