We were set a challenge this week to turn an unhealthy treat in to a healthy one. We successfully made Tim Tams a little while back (basically “penguin biscuits” if you’re from the UK or US) so we asked our social media followers to vote for something new and challenging. We had some crazy ideas suggested, but to make a Carrot Cake healthy and actually taste good seemed like a challenge. Full disclosure, we’re not vegans ourselves and just because something is vegan it doesn’t necessarily make it healthy, but we decided to make a vegan carrot cake because we know some of our readers and followers are. Plus not being able to use eggs in any cake recipe is a bit of a challenge.
We asked for your votes, you voted, and this is us delivering. And wow have we delivered!

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If you’ve got any consideration for Santa’s health and body composition you’ll be putting these above your fireplace this Christmas Eve. These are hands down one of THE best healthy cookie (or ginger biscuit) recipes out there. They’re super low carb, contain brain and metabolism-friendly fats, have a good hit of protein from nutrient-dense and anti-aging Collagen Protein, and are extremely quick and simple to make. Why make things complicated when they needn’t be! Easy, healthy, but definitely not boring! Continue reading THE BEST LOW CARB HEALTHY COOKIE RECIPE EVER

As Personal Trainers we’re always asked what the best way to lose weight is. If there’s such thing as the ‘best’ diet.

Well I hate to burst the bubble of anyone out there that claims to know the ‘best’ diet, or anyone that advocates eating in a certain way, but my answer is always simple… Continue reading The Secret Fat Loss Diet and How To Lose Fat without Counting Calories….