These ice pops are the ideal healthy summertime snack. They’re also great for that time every evening when you’re craving something to snack on. Don’t let those cravings get you! They’ve got the perfect minty chocolate taste that’s refreshing and moreish at the same time, and unlike many homemade ice lollies and ice creams these are super creamy with a texture that melts in your mouth. All of the taste and none of the guilt.

Per ice pop (makes 8): 136kcal, 8g carbs, 5.7g fats, 1.4g protein. Continue reading Natural Creamy Chocolate-Mint Ice Pops

Eggs, sweet potato, spinach and heaps of flavour. How can you combine these super healthy ingredients in to a tasty breakfast or lunch option that you’ll look forward to every day. The “Maverick Frittata” that’s how. This is one of the best food prep recipes out there, and a real game changer for breakfast in the morning. If you like savoury breakfasts but don’t have the time then this is your answer. It also wouldn’t look out of place as a snack or lunch option, either hot or cold. Continue reading Meal Prep: The “Maverick” Frittata

Shop bought protein bars and ‘natural’ bars can be pretty expensive. Then there’s the issue of what’s actually in them. Most of the mainstream so-called protein bars are nothing more than a candy bar with a bit of extra protein added. Then there are protein bars and raw food bars which are actually pretty good, and if you’re on the go with very few healthy choices available then they’re a great option. But eating these every day can be pretty expensive, and on top of that most people don’t deal well with the sweeteners the protein bars often use. Let’s just say you wont want to be stuck in a small office or lift with someone that’s just eaten two of these bars in a row… Continue reading 4-Ingredient Vanilla Macadamia Protein Bars

If you like to enjoy a donut every now and then, but don’t enjoy that huge feeling of guilt afterwards whilst licking the sugar off your lips, then this recipe is for you. ‘Real’ donuts are typically deep fried, contain heaps of sugar and fat, and just don’t do anything good for the body. If there’s one food that really doesn’t have any health value to it whatsoever it’s a donut. Okay you might say that a jam filled donut could have a trace amount of antioxidants hidden amongst the processed jam, but that’s a really long shot. Continue reading Orange & Pistachio Donuts (Vegan and Grain Free)