If you’ve got any consideration for Santa’s health and body composition you’ll be putting these above your fireplace this Christmas Eve. These are hands down one of THE best healthy cookie (or ginger biscuit) recipes out there. They’re super low carb, contain brain and metabolism-friendly fats, have a good hit of protein from nutrient-dense and anti-aging Collagen Protein, and are extremely quick and simple to make. Why make things complicated when they needn’t be! Easy, healthy, but definitely not boring! Continue reading THE BEST LOW CARB HEALTHY COOKIE RECIPE EVER

As Personal Trainers we’re always asked what the best way to lose weight is. If there’s such thing as the ‘best’ diet.

Well I hate to burst the bubble of anyone out there that claims to know the ‘best’ diet, or anyone that advocates eating in a certain way, but my answer is always simple… Continue reading The Secret Fat Loss Diet and How To Lose Fat without Counting Calories….

If you’re like the rest of the world this time of year, it’s likely that between Halloween and New Year you’ll gain between 2-10 pounds in weight. And that’s not muscle either; Most of it’ll be the wobbly stuff you’ve been working hard on for most of the year to get rid of!

It’s the most jolly of jolliest times of year but this festive fun all comes at a price, with less exercise, more TV, and a load more junk food it’s far too easy to let the body go a little!

Here are 8 essential tips to help you keep your body in check, and stop your six-pack turning in to a beer keg, this time of year: Continue reading QUICKIE TIPS: HOW TO GET AND STAY LEAN OVER THIS INDULGENT TIME OF YEAR

Abs are made in the gym. They’re not made in the kitchen unless your kitchen just happened to double up as a gym!

Yes, you’re only going to be able to see your abs when your body fat is low enough; below 10-12% for most men, and below about 15-17% for women. But the abdominal muscles are just like any other muscle group, they need resistance and progressive overload in order to grow. In the case of your abs however, rather than growing and making your waste thicker, they have the tendency to just become harder, tighter and more deeply etched. This is good news for those of us that want to maintain a small waist size. Continue reading ABS ARE CARVED IN THE KITCHEN BUT NOT MADE THERE!