If you’ve ever checked out my Instagram page you know i’m always conjuring up healthy recipes, and a lot of them supercharged with Protein Powders. I thought this recipe however deserved more than a little social media post, as apart from being one of the tastiest things I’ve ever concocted, if you’re a bit of a Protein Cookery virgin then this cake is definitely a great place to start; as we do cheat a little bit with this amazing sugar and gluten free cake mix from Sukrin. (more…)

Consistency is key when it comes to training and nutrition. But every once in a while we need to inject a bit of life in to our workouts to stop us from getting bored, or taking to our phones in between sets!! This is especially true for what I like to call “the A.D.D (attention deficit disorder) generation”. (more…)

Last week I had 3 articles released on MyProtein.com. I may sound a little biased here, but collectively they pretty much tell the entire story on Protein shakes and amino acids, or the story that’s worth telling anyway. Trust me when I say the info I’ve put in these articles, without waffling on or putting in too much sciencey mumbo jumbo; will provide you with a few knowledge bombs that you can drop the next time you get in an argument at the gym about protein shakes. (more…)