What causes you to overindulge on bad foods? To eat that whole tub of ice cream, that packet of cookies, not just one doughnut but two, three, or four? Whatever it is, it’s nothing logical. The purpose of this isn’t to tell you why you’ve been doing it, that would take much longer. Instead it’s to tell you about a simple trick learned through years of helping others, and delving in to some psychological research that can help you kick the habit. (more…)

This is one of those healthy breakfast or sett treat recipes everyone should know. Very simple to make, a great meal prep option if you bulk cook, and often with ingredients we all have lying around. These pancakes are extremely versatile, and if you’re creative enough there are an infinite amount of ways you could adapt them. You could make these in to blueberry pancakes, or even chocolate chip for a little more naughtiness. (more…)

These ice pops are the ideal healthy summertime snack. They’re also great for that time every evening when you’re craving something to snack on. Don’t let those cravings get you! They’ve got the perfect minty chocolate taste that’s refreshing and moreish at the same time, and unlike many homemade ice lollies and ice creams these are super creamy with a texture that melts in your mouth. All of the taste and none of the guilt.

Per ice pop (makes 8): 136kcal, 8g carbs, 5.7g fats, 1.4g protein. (more…)

Eggs, sweet potato, spinach and heaps of flavour. How can you combine these super healthy ingredients in to a tasty breakfast or lunch option that you’ll look forward to every day. The “Maverick Frittata” that’s how. This is one of the best food prep recipes out there, and a real game changer for breakfast in the morning. If you like savoury breakfasts but don’t have the time then this is your answer. It also wouldn’t look out of place as a snack or lunch option, either hot or cold. (more…)

For business or for pleasure, traveling is always hard on the body. For many of us we thrive on routine, so when that routine gets thrown out, things take a turn for the worse. The daily routine and rules are different, and we often give ourselves permission to do whatever we like. Then by the end we feel as though the weeks and months of hard work training and dieting have gone down the pan. (more…)