The entire fitness industry is full of blanket statements about what we should or shouldn’t do. Information is generally black or white; do this or don’t do that, rather than being grey. Grey meaning words like “might”, “could” or “maybe”, or “this might work for you but something else might work better”. That’s because we want quick and simple answers. A general blueprint that’ll help us make the most of our time spent in the gym, or knowing what we’re eating is the right thing.

These blanket statements are engrained within fitness society, just as a thousand peoples sweat is engrained in to that workout mat you use at the gym. Much of the information is even taught in Personal Trainer schools nowadays. It’s no wonder why we take most of it for gospel truth, when so-called experts are spreading the word too. Continue reading You’re not a blanket fitness recommendation – why are you acting like one

This is your simple guide to make a killer frozen smoothie bowl EVERY TIME. This is an ideal breakfast option, since once you know how to do it its so simple you wonder why you weren’t doing it before. There’s also nothing like a noisy blender to wake you up in the mornings.

Pack a giant dose of your daily fruits in to this one meal for a healthy morning hit of vitamins, minerals and whatever else you want to add to it. A refreshing summer brekkie to kickstart your productive day. Continue reading Simple 4-Step Breakfast Smoothie Bowls

Shop bought protein bars and ‘natural’ bars can be pretty expensive. Then there’s the issue of what’s actually in them. Most of the mainstream so-called protein bars are nothing more than a candy bar with a bit of extra protein added. Then there are protein bars and raw food bars which are actually pretty good, and if you’re on the go with very few healthy choices available then they’re a great option. But eating these every day can be pretty expensive, and on top of that most people don’t deal well with the sweeteners the protein bars often use. Let’s just say you wont want to be stuck in a small office or lift with someone that’s just eaten two of these bars in a row… Continue reading 4-Ingredient Vanilla Macadamia Protein Bars